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How To Make Your Life Healthier, Without Giving Up The Things You Love



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Improving your health isn’t someone or a two-step process that yields instant results. It takes a concerted effort and the willpower to keep going even when things become difficult. If you’re willing to put in some hard work, you can even keep enjoying the things you love in life. Do you like fatty food? That’s fine if you’re willing to exercise a little more for it.

Fond of hard drink? No problem if you can keep it to a day or two out of the week. Hooked on cigarettes? You can get the same nicotine you’re craving from other sources without the coughing fits and compromised immune system.

Start with Exercise

Losing weight is all about counting calories. You can keep eating all the same food you love, as much as you want, if you’re willing to work some of it off later. Any exercise that works lots of muscles at once is good for burning fat. Jumping rope might seem childish but it will elevate your heart rate and work your body from the top of head to tips of toes.

You’ll know it’s working when you start to sweat or huff and become short of breath. Keeping your heart rate up throughout the day will help to burn calories but really pushing it for about 30 minutes every 24 hours will work wonders. Swimming is another option for those with a pool or who don’t much enjoy sweating.

Don’t Drink As Much

If you like alcohol, that’s fine. There’s no reason you can’t enjoy this loved part of life while increasing your health. In fact, a little bit of alcohol a day will thin blood like aspirin but do far less damage to your stomach. If it weren’t for the bad taste and intoxicating effects, it might make a good substitute for that old headache remedy. The problem with alcohol and health is the popularity of beer.

Beer has only a little alcohol in it and lots of calories; it’s basically liquid bread. To get the same amount of alcohol with none of the calories, a single or double shot of 80 proof liquor would do the trick. That stuff tastes terrible, so perhaps a happy medium in wine would be for you. Just don’t overdo it and you should be fine.

Switch to e-Cigs

Cigarettes are a nasty habit to kick. They’re expensive, dangerous to you and the people around you, and pretty much guaranteed to cause health problems. It’s been said before, but cigarettes are the only product in the world that will kill you if used correctly and as intended.

Electronic cigarettes are the new way to get nicotine without any of those carcinogens, smoke, stains, or the stink of tobacco. For smokers who want to get healthy but just can’t give up nicotine, this is the answer. You don’t have to quit using nicotine but you can definitely quit paying $8 a pack on average to slowly kill yourself.

The health benefits will be apparent after only a few weeks away from cigarette smoke. You’ll be breathing better and with less pain than before, something which won’t go unnoticed.