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Principles of Holistic Dentistry



Medicine has been created thousands of years ago. As Hippocrates of Kos first said it in the primary precept, a doctor should not harm but should respect every patient who comes to see him. Dentistry is obviously founded on the same rules, especially if the practiced dentistry is holistic. There are several big principles considered to be available for holistic dentistry. Doctors` commitments are the absolute care of patients that has to be on both the physical and spiritual side.

By avoiding mercury and fluorine, they’re seriously taking this “Do no harm”. As readers may know, it has been admitted by the international health care organization that mercury is harmful. Holistic dentists are using biocompatible materials to make sure in every action that your body would not be affected in a negative manner.

Inspired by the philosophy of ancient medicines and its proven results, this medicine is reflective and lifts the veil on psychosomatic. To patients, a holistic approach can reveal their own feelings to themselves as the body often materializes feelings whether good or bad. What is a tooth for modern humans? He learned to see his teeth as solid and considers it a necessary part of the body. Yet, a toothache can show a further problem that could never be solved without the help of holistic dentists.

What is really evolving thanks to this vision is the authentic reconsideration of spiritual importance in global health. A visitor going to a dentist or any other doctor cannot expect to be heard or fully examined. Because of this, patients tend to forget bodies are unities and each part influences the other one. Holistic dentistry might not show anything interesting but will help a person to access remembrance of this old wisdom and to begin understanding himself as a whole.

Hippocrates was also the first physician exploring the diet influence on the body. On the main page of Dr. Vinograd, food is also an important principle respected by holistic dentistry. If someone gains weight by eating oily food, why would it be surprising that health is affected? Although everyone is aware of this fact, they seem to require assistance or advice to move forward on a healthier life. Holistic dentistry made it a principle to inform patients the greatest they can.

It belongs to the lineage of admirable medicine and deserving to serve around the world, guiding people to a better life and trust in their doctors. Operating aids on a new pattern, holistic dentist bring back to life an approach that many other physicians seem to have given up in consequence of the endless and reachable knowledge technologies offered to the world.