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What are the Benefits of Being a Locum Physiotherapist?



When you qualify to work as a physiotherapist, one of the options you may want to consider is working as a locum. Working in temporary positions may not be your first choice if you prefer to work in a steady job, but it can certainly have a number of advantages that you may not have considered. Here are some of the benefits of working as a locum physiotherapist instead of in a permanent position.

Better Pay

One of the main attractions of working as a locum physiotherapist is that you can earn more money. Many physiotherapists working in temporary positions can charge a premium for their services. If they are successful, they can earn more than they would be able to earn working full-time in the NHS.

More Flexibility

You may find it hard to achieve the right work-life balance working as a physiotherapist in a permanent position. However, when you are working as a locum this may be easier to achieve. Because it is so flexible, this can allow you to plan your own personal time more efficiently. You also have the flexibility to be your own boss and choose the contracts that you want to work on.

You may also be struggling to find full-time physiotherapist jobs, and working as a locum could provide you with greater stability.

Develop New Skills

You may be limited in the skills that you can learn in your full-time job, but when you work on a temporary basis you may have more opportunities to learn new skills that can lead to higher rates of pay and greater job satisfaction. You can essentially build your skills as you see fit, gaining new qualifications in your spare time. This can even help you to create your own niche, which can help to increase demand for your services.

Gain New Experiences

Rather than working in one single setting, you will have the opportunity to work in a wide range of settings and environments. This can help you to advance your skills, which can help in the future if you ever decide to apply for a full-time job.

Focus on Doing What You Do Best

One of the greatest benefits of working as a locum is that you can spend more time doing what you love doing: helping people improve their lives. Because you will work in so many different settings, you will be expected to get on with the job as soon as you arrive rather than having to spend a lot of time on induction and training periods.

Consider Working as a Locum

Working as a locum can certainly prove to be a good career option for any physiotherapist. It will depend on your own preferences and you may well want to have a permanent job for the stability it provides. However, there are some exciting challenges and excellent benefits of working as a locum physiotherapist, which can make it a viable and rewarding option if you have not considered it before.