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Physiotherapist Career Guide



In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, most of the people are juggling time between office and home, they get less time to maintain physical fitness. This leads to several physical disorders, such as back and joint pain. Therefore, the demand for physiotherapists is high in several kinds of ailments. A physiotherapist or physical therapist is an accredited health professional who treats physical ailments due to injury, illness, aging, or prolonged inactivity.


Students with a science background can opt for a career in physical therapy. In order to become a physiotherapist, you must obtain a post-baccalaureate degree. Different states have different eligibility requirements and degrees in this subject. There are courses for graduation, post-graduation, and masters in physiotherapy.

Regardless of whether the students are looking for an undergraduate program or a master’s or doctorate’s degree in physical therapy, there are plenty of choices of schools available in most of the states or countries. Once the candidate has completed a physiotherapy school, he or she has to give a state licensure examination to practice as a physical therapist. The fees for this licensure examination and acquisition vary from state to state.

The physiotherapy course is designed to give students the basic functioning of the human body and the techniques of physical therapy.

Knowledge, skills, and attributes

Manual work is the backbone of a physiotherapy job. Therefore a physiotherapist should have high levels of physical fitness as the job may require lifting the patient. The person should have excellent communication skills as it is a very people-oriented profession. He should be supportive and firm with the patients.

He should have good problem-solving skills and analytical and logical reasoning skills. Many conditions may take months to be treated; hence, he should be patient and understanding in nature.

Job of physiotherapist

The job profile of a physiotherapist includes the prevention of diseases, restoration of mobility, and rehabilitation of the patient. The job of a physical therapist involves assessing injuries or movement difficulties and healing the pain with the help of natural means such as light, water, exercise, and heat.

He also uses specific techniques such as joint manipulation and soft tissue massage. Most of the rehabilitation centers require physiotherapists to help patients who have gone through surgery or severe injury. Apart from treating injuries or health conditions, physiotherapists also educate patients about the light physical activities that can reduce the risk of injuries.

Career prospects in physiotherapy

If you have love, care, and dedication towards people and understand their problems, then a career in physiotherapy can be a fulfilling and rewarding career. There are plenty of options to work as a physiotherapist. One can either join government hospitals or open their own private clinics.

Physiotherapists also have the option of joining corporate hospitals, sports teams, and offices, where they are paid lucrative salaries.

A physiotherapist plays a key role in enabling people to improve their health, well-being, and quality of life. The profession brings so much satisfaction as the work involves treating painful conditions and helping patients recover from physical ailments.