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No More 9 to 5: Why Work-Life Balance is Essential



No more 9 to 5: why work-life balance is essential

Is your job making you unhealthy? Between juggling heavy workloads at the office, managing relationships, upholding family responsibilities, and squeezing in time for yourself and your own interests, it’s easy to see why one in four Americans describe themselves as not just stressed, but “super stressed,” according to Mental Health America.

That’s certainly not healthy. However, you can reclaim your time and foster a healthy work-life balance. You just have to think differently. Here’s how some people are changing their lives, at home, and at work, for good.

Going Gig

Those who dream of work life balance are turning to the gig economy. This new “economy” is comprised of contractors, independent consultants, and freelancers who have broken away from the office and work individual jobs for multiple clients rather than a typical nine-to-five.

Research supports that gig workers are more productive, engaged, and more satisfied than their office-working peers. A recent survey from McKinsey’s Global Institute found that workers freed from the office report higher levels of satisfaction and productivity overall. There are other perks to going gig, too. Remote work eliminates time consuming commuting, the stress that comes with a typical work day, and the exposure to office politics.

Earn Extra

What would you do with a little extra income? Would you take that vacation with your family that’s been on your mind? Would you tackle that home renovation that’s been on your to-do list? Maybe you’ll save it to prepare for the future.

A little extra income can go a long way. Embrace your entrepreneurial spirit and consider working for yourself. As an independent contractor, you’ll be just that — independent. Which is probably what you want to be since you’re thinking about leaving the traditional workplace behind.

In addition to being independent, you will also be your own boss with the ability to create a work-life-balance that works for you. There are a seemingly endless amount of different ways to jumpstart your own business.

An at home business can offer just the right amount of work-life balance, with ample time for both your family and your budding business. Consider partnering with an established direct sales company such as Amway to set your own hours but be your own boss. Learn more about Amway and how it works to start your next chapter.

More Vacations

Are you leaving your vacation days on the table? If you’re part of the workforce in the United States, the answer is likely yes. According to research from the U.S. Travel Association, Oxford Economics, and Ipsos, a staggering amount of vacation days go unused.

The research found that 768 million days went unused in 2018. That’s up 9 percent from 2017. A total of 236 million were completely forfeited, resulting in $65.5 billion in lost benefits.

There are a variety of benefits that come with taking your vacation days. Vacations provide stress reduction, in fact, research from the American Psychological Association found that vacations work to reduce stress by taking people away from the environments that they associate with anxiety and stress. Vacations are also linked to heart disease prevention, improved productivity, and even better sleep.

Don’t let your health suffer because of your job. From working in the gig economy, striking out on your own as an independent contractor, or using up all of your vacation days, you can embrace all that work-life balance has to offer.

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