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How To Create Time Efficient Workouts



It is most likely difficult for you to complete all that you would like to get completed due to the lack of time. For this reason, the thought of hitting the gym may just seem unrealistic. Any time a person feels this way it appears hopeless. These people desire to be healthy, slim down and get toned. Having such a fast-paced lifestyle allows almost no time for activity.

Quite a few think like this too. Weight training is the most effective way to get sleeker, and stronger. Many quickly get bored with walking so another thing may be required. Most follow a standard bodybuilding routine they find in one of the magazines. The following is an example:

Day 1: Squat, leg extensions, leg curls, calf raises, abs

Day 2: Chest, shoulders, triceps

Day 3: Back, biceps

Thus for day 2, which is the longest, it will be Bench press 3×6, Incline press 3×8, chest flyes 3×8-10. That didn’t even get to the shoulders and tricep workout.

In order to get all the exercises done, it would take a long time just carrying out a routine such as that.

If you would like your time in the gym to be more fruitful follow the concepts sited in this article.  These methods are taught at fitness holidays to the guests who are professional people with little time.

1. Compound exercises and the 80/20 concept.

It is a guideline regarding statistics that merely claim you obtain 80% of the benefit from 20% of the work which you are carrying out. What does this mean concerning fitness? Activities that include many joints like Bench press, overhead press, squats, deadlifts will give you about 80% of the benefit. Whilst exercises that target single joints like curls, leg extensions, tricep kickbacks only benefit you only a small amount. This is just stating that they may not be the best use of your time and effort. Not that they are unproductive.

2. Pairing movements. This can be done in a manner of approaches.

a)      Push and pull. Do a set 5 reps of bench press followed by a set of 5 rows.

b)      Right and left. Do an exercise for the right side of the body followed by an exercise for the left side. Ie. a set of 5 lunges for the right side and a set of 5 lunges for the left.

c)       Upper body and lower body. Do a set of 5 deadlifts and a set of 5 overhead presses.

d)      Antagonistic muscles. This can be if you want to do some single-joint exercises. Do a set of curls followed by a set of tricep skull crushers.

3. Switch jogging for weight training for cardio training.

An example is dumbbell swings for 20 repetitions and doing it again repeatedly. This will not simply help develop muscle because you are moving weight but can even assist you to get rid of fat.

You can make an effective routine that will enable you to attain your fitness goals. Increase the results of the time you commit to the concepts in the above list.