Do You Want To Become “Unbreakable”? Simple Tips To Get You Started!

Even though we all try to go around pain, suffering, failure and difficult things in life, the truth is that they have a way of finding us. Because such things are inevitable, some people handle them erroneously and wind up living in fear and uncertainty. However, the correct approach would be to accept that despite your best efforts you can’t really change the order of things. In other words, you should adopt the healthy attitude that no matter what happens you will survive the storm and even end up a little better afterwards. Here are some personal resilience tips to get you started.

1. Understand that any crisis can be beaten
Perhaps one of the biggest traps people fall into is adopting an unhealthy attitude that if something doesn’t end up perfectly, then it cannot end up otherwise than terrible. Individuals looking to build their inner strength should realize that things are never black or white and that there are hundreds of shades of grey in between. Besides, if you look at the whole thing a little closer, you will see that not all the aspects of the crisis appear insurmountable.

2. Cultivate enjoyable relationships
Even though your goal is to gain extra personal resilience, keep in mind that achieving this takes more than yourself. Simply put, cultivating meaningful relationships with your friends, family and other people is part for your overall well-being and hence, interior strength. In the eventuality that you will ever be in a crisis, you can rely on a whole network of people to help you.

3. Know that there’s always a good side of things
While undoubtedly unpleasant, pain and tragedy could also be perceived as a unique opportunity to discover who you are. Since you know where you’ve been, it is best to concentrate on where you would like to be in the future rather than obsessing about finding the things that led to the current crisis. If you feel the present is hard to cope with, then do yourself a favor and think of how to make a better future.

4. Maintain a positive attitude no matter what
Trying to maintain a positive outlook when tragedy hits is easier said than done, especially since when something bad happens it tends to spread its sphere of influence over all aspects of your life. However, the fact that it colors all your life’s facets is what should determine you to put these things in perspective. Just because you lost your job or broke up with your significant other, that doesn’t mean all the other areas are tainted.

5. Recognize that change is part of life
Psychologists agree that when tragedy hits, people automatically think that of their individual situation as the biggest occurrence in history. However, people with personal resilience understand that others have also been through similar situations and… miraculously survived. Their secret is that instead of putting on a mask to hide their feelings, these people have allowed themselves to fall, knowing that they have the means to get up again.

Personal resilience is something that is growing in both influence and popularity as a result of it being applicable in the workplace in addition to our personal lives. Lucy recently completed a course by NLP co-founder Richard Bandler; as a result she feels her personal resilience has increased and is reaping the benefits.

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