Benefits to Developing Your Personal Resilience

Personal resilience is a characteristic it’s becoming increasingly beneficial to have in our emotional remit. In relation to the way the world works today the rate of change is hardly slow and rapid adaptation to a new and sometimes less favourable set of circumstances through heightened personal resilience is becoming more and more of a necessity. The need for different personal qualities compared to a century ago is unarguable and backs up the idea of change occurring quickly for all people, professions and corresponding personal circumstances.

Ability to perform effectively under pressure

Pressure is an inescapable part of life. Professionally we now have tougher targets to reach with more competition to fight through to reach them and personally situations are now regularly more complex with different relationships, a greater sense of openness and a higher incidence of psychological issues borne of modern life being suffered. With the incidence and intensity of stressful situations on the increase, dealing with all the various forms of pressure and being able to perform despite this pressure is essential and something that developing a high level of personal resilience can help with.

Bouncing back from difficult circumstances

We all go through times of physical and emotional difficulty and we can deal with these circumstances in a more helpful way if we have developed our personal resilience. Stress is a precursor to so many ill effects both of physical health and mental wellbeing; developing resilience to reduce stress therefore in these situations can be beneficial not only in the immediate term but in the long term too.

Managing our overall health and wellbeing

Developing resilience can be vastly beneficial to health. With stress and burnout on the increase just as we train our bodies to improve physically so can we boost the ability of our minds through training. Training courses focused on self development and improving your resilience are now extremely effective and can be adapted to suit people’s needs.

Understanding how to achieve optimum performance

There is a colossal cost to the economy for sick leave taken and some staggering statistics that accompany this, as an example 1 million people call in sick to work every week and of this 1 million 3,000 will remain off sick after 6 months! Achieving your optimum performance capability through maintaining good health and living with a resilient mindset can help you to become a business athlete, able to achieve your full potential.

To conclude, there are a number of questions you can ask yourself to decipher the times when you are feeling resilient and figure out when you are exhibiting the behaviour traits you tend to when feeling vulnerable. Questions such as what do you observe about yourself when you feel resilient? What happens the rest of the time? and What is the impact of this? are all useful to keep in mind.

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