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5 Powerful Ways to Cultivate Inner Strength



5 powerful ways to cultivate inner strength

Life is an often an unpredictable mix of pain and pleasure with change being the only consistent event. Good and adverse circumstances arise from time to time and our ability to respond depends on our resolve, character and inner strength.

The stronger you are on the inside, the better equipped you are to accomplish more on the outside. The truth is that most of us are not born with inner strength – it needs to be consciously cultivated.

Like any other habit, acquiring inner strength takes time but the good news is that each one of us can develop resilience through conscious effort and awareness of our responses.

Although life is a series of ups and downs, inner strength can help turn obstacles into opportunities and opportunities into triumphs. The team at Counselling in Melbourne have provided this easy to follow list of ways to cultivate your inner strength:

1. Choose to spend time with productive, positive people

Developing personal energy reserves is an important part of building inner strength. Negative people complain about everything and tend to sap our energy; as a result, we feel drained around them.

Choosing to spend our time with positive, productive people helps us develop our inner reserves. Remember to keep company with people who celebrate, accept and encourage you. Human beings tend to mirror emotions.

Hence, when we hang out with people who are always unhappy with themselves, we look for things to be unhappy about too.

2. Meditate in silence and get to know yourself

Distractions and disruptions have the potential to chip away at our core and leave us frazzled. Meditation practices and silence provides us the opportunity to increase our self-awareness.

Feelings of insecurity arise from a lack of familiarity with our feelings and tend to erode our inner strength. The stronger you are at your core, the less likelihood of responding negatively to external circumstances. Simple meditation practices help de-clutter our minds and restore clarity and focus.

3. Use affirmations to help build confidence

Using affirmations is an effective way to build confidence. Lack of confidence encourages fear-based decision-making. We try to run away from situations that we think we are not equipped to handle.

Repeating affirmations a few times before bedtime and after waking up is a good way to introduce positive suggestions into our subconscious thinking. Lack of confidence makes us our own worst enemies and diminishes our reserves of inner strength. Building confidence reaffirms to us that objectives can be achieved despite obstacles.

4. Learn to love yourself

One of the most important secrets to building inner strength is to put yourself on top of the priority list. Forgive yourself when you recollect times when you’ve made mistakes. Similar, spending time by yourself can be mentally nourishing.

When you are consciously trying to build inner strength, it’s very important to let go of the past to prevent it from intruding on your present. Choosing to love yourself unconditionally helps you heal from within and become a stronger person.

5. Ensure that your home has a relaxing environment

Our homes should be our havens to relax and unwind in. Keep your home free of clutter, debris and junk. If your marital relationship is in trouble, work to mend it or part ways amicably.

Similarly, if you are facing constant problems with misbehaving children, seek professional intervention to help them get back on track. Our immediate home environment should support our efforts to build inner strength. Existing in a constant state of tension whittles away at our resilience and leaves feeling stressed.

The path to building inner strength can be a challenging one. However, conscious implementation of the strategies explained above helps us improve our responses over time.

Increased emotional resilience results in multiple benefits including adaptability, better decision-making and improved problem solving. Deep, inner strength helps impart a sense of purpose and makes us more confident, compassionate human beings.