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Mind Over Matter – The Key to Lifelong Fitness



If you were to ask a good thousand or so people exactly what the key to a generally decent level of health and fitness was, chances are they’d all say diet and exercise. And while this may at least in a logical sense be entirely correct, there’s one thing that most entirely fails to take into account and can ultimately be their downfall – that being the psychological element of getting in shape.

The simple fact of the matter is that pretty much anyone can make the journey to a gym, strap on a pair of running shoes, and hit the exercise bike for an hour. By contrast, however, it takes a much rarer breed to do the above consistently and without extensive interruptions, three to five times a week for several years in a row – thus representing the difference between life-long fitness and passing fancy.

As far as the pros are concerned, traversing the line between the two isn’t nearly as hard as most make it out to be. Instead, it all depends on the approach taken from the start which means not trying to go it alone, proceed without advice or try flying before first learning to jog.

Realistic Goals

Without the slightest shadow of a doubt, the most crucial element of all is the setting of realistic and achievable goals. Not crazy goals of glory three years from now, but simpler goals to be met in a matter of weeks. It is only by meeting goals that a person can measure progress and gain a sense of accomplishment – both of which are mandatory for motivation and dedication. There’s nothing wrong with healthy ambition, but sidestep realism and any fitness efforts will be short-lived at best.

A Professional Consultant

The vast majority still make every effort to go it alone when gunning for a fitter lifestyle, somehow ignoring the fact that there are comprehensive and priceless advice and guidance out there waiting to be taken. And this doesn’t mean a ten-year contract with a personal trainer for a king’s ransom, but if nothing else the consultation necessary to map out where to go and how to get there as quickly, safely, and affordably as possible. Pride and stubbornness are two of the biggest roadblocks of all on the journey to fitness – never overlook the immeasurable importance of a little advice.

Recovering From a Slump

One of the most difficult situations of all is that of for one reason or another hitting a slump and losing the motivation to get started again. You have the gym membership, you have the gear and you have the means to get there – a textbook example of mind over matter coming into play. In these kinds of instances, a little outside help either from a pro or simply by buddying up with a friend/partner can make all the difference.

Keeping it Fresh

Last up for this list at least, it’s inescapable human nature than we all get bored. Literally anything on Earth can become boring when practiced ad nauseam for days, weeks, and months on end. So rather than just accepting this, look into ways of keeping both an exercise regime and a diet fresh and flexible in order to ward off boredom bouts in advance. And if looking for a few helpful suggestions to do so, refer back to the professional consultant tip.