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6 Tips for Getting Back Into A Fitness Regime After An Injury



Getting back into a strict fitness regime following on from an injury or illness may seem daunting. You may feel your stamina has decreased or your body has weakened as a result of your illness. But getting back on track could be the best thing for your body to recover.

1)      Consult the professionals

If you have overcome a serious illness that has kept you away from fitness and strenuous activity for long time consult your GP or physical therapist and see what is the best way to get back your fitness.

Following a serious bodily injury such as a broken bone or ligament damage rehabilitation requires therapy in most cases and you should not attempt to get back to the gym without speaking to a professional therapist first.

2)      Set yourself goals

Firstly you should set yourself specific goals and think about what you want to achieve. You may want to strengthen the particular part of your body that was injured or get back to the level of fitness you were at before your illness or injury.

3)      Keep things small and simple

You may feel that doing a small bit every day will slowly build up your stamina. It is advised that you do not rush back into the gym and start stringent fitness routines. Your body may still be recovering and such a huge shock may do more harm than good. It may be that you start with something gentle such as swimming or walking or even yoga.

4)      Remember to stretch

It sounds straightforward but you must remember to stretch before any workout, your body may have been out of action for a while and rigorous stretching will avoid any further injury and put you in the best shape to regain your fitness. Keep things simple, for example, try touching your toes or arm circles or balance on one leg.

5)      Stay focused

Stick to your goals, you may find it harder due to your injury or illness and it may take longer to get back to the fitness levels you were at before. Do not worry, rehabilitating your body will take time and you must remember to keep a high level of consistency. Try to achieve something at least once a day. Go for a stroll around your neighborhood or 30 minutes of swimming.

 6)      Increase your workout

 When you feel ready and no sooner you should think about increasing your workout regime, turn those leisurely walks into jogs or increase your two-mile walk to a five-mile walk. Consider getting back into any sports teams or activities you did before your ailment. But remember to take it steady, do not push yourself too much, and make the increase gradual.

If you want to be covered for private physical therapy with a registered professional look for medical insurance with physical therapy cover.