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6 Most Common Health Ailments in Men



Health is such an important part of every individual’s life that it seems strange when people don’t seem to take it seriously until something goes wrong. Men sometimes just don’t seem to consider their health seriously enough. They are significantly less likely to seek help or an opinion from a medical professional than women, yet if there appears to be a medical problem developing then that’s exactly what they should do.

It is easy to ignore symptoms that may have been building for some time, especially in the case of younger men. That adverse reaction to eating spicy food may just be a one-off, and that discomfort when urinating will probably go away, but if it doesn’t advice should be sought. Men can encounter health problems at all stages of their lives, and understanding preventative ways of warding off many common ailments can lead to a much healthier and longer life.

Coronary disease

Although heart attacks tend to be associated with older people, the foundations for such problems are often laid in early life. Smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol, and eating unhealthy food can build up stresses on the body over a period of time, and this is where men in their 20s, 30s, and 40s can make a real difference to their health in the future. Eating well, with plenty of fruit and vegetables in the diet, drinking alcohol in moderation, and cutting out smoking will help the body to fight off more effectively the possibility of heart disease.

Nutrition and vitamins

Men in their 20s are often focused on how they look, and this can lead to them forgetting about the importance of nutrition. Getting the correct balance of vitamins through the diet can help protect against serious diseases, such as cancer, and a poor diet can lead to gastrointestinal problems and possibly stomach ulcers at a relatively early age.

Back problems

Men’s bodies start to change when they get to their 30s. Many men feel no different from their teen years, but there are more wear and tear on muscles and bones, so back problems, such as herniated discs, can occur when lifting heavy objects incorrectly or twisting suddenly. Many of these problems can be avoided by learning how to lift properly and to think before reacting to a sudden stimulus.

Slowing down

As the body ages, various functions begin to slow down, and energy levels can decrease. In the 40s, low testosterone may be a cause, and this lack of the hormone can be tested for and replacement therapy is available when necessary.

Urinary tract infection

Although more commonly associated with older people, urinary tract infections can strike at any time. It is an uncomfortable condition and is disruptive to ordinary life, but can be eased quickly and effectively. Many men choose to buy Flomax to help manage the problem, allowing the symptoms of the urge to urinate frequently to be alleviated.

Taking care of the body

With people now living longer and longer due to medical advances, and the quality of life hugely improved for many older people, it is very sensible to take care of the body throughout life. Statistically, men do not live as long as women but, by taking an interest in their health at an early stage in life, men can develop a positive approach to looking after themselves for their long-term future well being.