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Reducing The Spread Of Germs Through Hands Free Hygiene



It is important to people’s health to use hands-free hygiene equipment since most germs are spread through the hands. This is the recommended method (over other hygiene practices for cleaning that you need to use your hands) since contaminants can still be transmitted this way.

Where Hygiene Tools And Appliances Are Needed

Sanitation is important in many situations and places such as kitchens, schools, hospitals, and meat processing plants. This kind of equipment is often found in veterinarian clinics, animal hospitals, and even chemical and industrial plants.

Why Hospitals Need Them

Before surgeons go into the operating room, they are required to change into sterile hospital gowns and to wash their hands thoroughly at a knee operated surgeon’s sink. Since surgeons need to use their hands to operate on a patient, these parts of the body need to be very clean. Washing without using the hand to turn the faucet on or off can help doctors achieve this.

Public Restroom Need Them Too

Other public venues can also make use of similar products such as an infra-red soap dispenser and wash through basins. This way, the hundreds of people who use the toilet and public restroom won’t need to touch the faucet or dispenser to wash their hands. It would be ironic to clean your hands while getting contaminated from faucet handles touched by hundreds of people before you.

Pet Grooming Facilities Can Use Some Hygiene Tools Too

Aside from vets, animal grooming services can also use hands-free dog washbasins. These units are typically made of stainless steel with knee operated of infra-red sensor-equipped faucets. They can be mounted on the wall or on the floor to accommodate larger animals. Floor mounted sinks will usually have infra-red sensors. These washbasins are often deep to accommodate pets inside the sink.

Hygiene Equipment At Meat Processing Plants Prevent Sickness For Consumers

Meat processing plants and canneries should also have sterile environments to keep the food they are processing clean of bacteria and germs. Contamination could mean recalling millions of products from grocery shelves across the country or all over the world. Aside from having hands-free washers, boot washers are also common sanitation equipment at these kinds of places.

Food And Catering Business Also Need Them To Safeguard Diners’ Health

Sanitation can take a lot of forms from washing hands to cleaning the air. There are also catering equipment that keeps utensils clean while waiting for diners to use them. Even waste in restaurants, hospitals, and other places need to be placed in proper dispensers that can contain germs from leaking out. Chemicals at industrial plants or hospitals also need to be placed in sterile chemical storage cupboards.

What To Do If you need to use your hands

In some cases, handlers need to use hands to push trolleys or to open closets. In this case, it would be best for people who need to do this to wear sterile gloves. Hands-free hygiene equipment is there for use as much as possible and can keep germs from spreading to other people and places.