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The Importance Of Hospital Sterility



Medical supplies are used in every hospital across the country. They can range from products that are used for cleaning in hospitals to products that the nurses and doctors use such as scalpels and syringes. If it was not for medical supplies, our hospitals would not be able to survive.

The doctors and nurses would have no equipment to work with and there would be no products with which to make sure the hospitals remain sterile. If hospitals are not kept sterile, the risk of germs spreading is far greater and in some cases, this could cause an epidemic like the MRSA superbug that hit hospitals a few years ago. This was to some degree down to the hospitals not being properly sterilized. If they had been, it would have made it that much harder for the bug to spread.

It is now common practice that within hospitals they try and make them as sterile as possible. For instance, they will have a very high percentage of alcohol hand washes to use before you walk into a room. What this does is that it means that anybody who has picked up a germ in one room and then is about to walk into the next room and has it on their hands, instead of touching something in the next room and spreading it, they can use the alcohol hand wash beforehand, which should kill the germs.

During the operations carried out within hospitals, doctors and nurses have to take a lot of care and pay a lot of attention to making sure that the person having the operation does not get germs into open wounds. If this happens, it can potentially prove very serious to the person having the operation.

It can even be life-threatening. During the operation is the most dangerous time as germs can get straight into the blood. Doctors and nurses performing the operation can protect themselves by using masks to cover their faces, hair nets to stop germs coming off their hair, and also gloves.

They would also use sterilization equipment for the instruments that they are using during the operation. Each time the instrument is used, the surgeon will pass it to the nurse and the nurse will sterilize it again before it is reused. Once the patient’s operation has been completed, the patient will be bandaged to make sure no more infections can get into the wound.