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5 Steps Towards Having A Spotless Home That Is Free From Dangerous Germs And Toxins



5 steps towards having a spotless home that is free from dangerous germs and toxins

Your home should be a safe place that you can unwind in at the end of the day. Once you walk through your front door, you shouldn’t have to worry about the kind of germs and dirt that you have to face in the outside world. Instead, you should be able to embrace a clean and healthy lifestyle. Maintaining a spotless house is the best way to achieve this. It is important that you rid your property of any toxic influences, protect your home from outside dirt, and carefully consider the chemicals that you clean with. You must also make sure to keep your air as fresh as possible and deep clean your rooms on a regular basis. Below are five steps towards having a spotless home that is free from dangerous germs and toxins.

Air your house

One way to instantly improve the state of your home is by airing all of its rooms. Open up all of your windows and doors, and let in the outside air. If you live in an area that gets a lot of sand or dust, make sure that you install screen doors that will allow you to let the air in without making your home dirty. This is also a great solution if you live in an area that attracts a lot of bugs. Make sure to air your sheets too. Every morning, when you get up, you should pull your sheets down to the end of the bed.

This will stop air from being trapped underneath your sheets throughout the day. These simple actions are vitally important, as they will prevent the air in your home from being stale and stagnant. You could also invest in an air purifier. If any members of your family suffer from allergies or hay fever, they will be especially grateful for this purchase. An air purifier will ensure that you and your family are breathing in the cleanest air possible. It can also help snorers and anyone who suffers from respiratory issues. Even if no one in your family suffers from a specific health condition, an air purifier will help your household to get a better night’s sleep and can help to prevent future illnesses by filtering the air of harmful allergens.

Conduct a monthly clean

Cleaning your home on a regular basis may sound like rather a simplistic solution. However, when you are balancing a busy schedule, it can be easy to forget. Why not make a list of all the essential chores that need to be done? Then, ask your family to take on the responsibility of specific tasks. If you have young children, you can reward them with an allowance or small treats. Don’t just focus on the day to day tasks. You should also consider conducting a deep clean of your house every month. This is an opportunity to assess all of your possessions and whether or not you really need them. Instead of sweeping the place over with a duster, clear everything out.

Get to work scrubbing down surfaces and cleaning out every nook and cranny. The more you clean your home, the easier it will get. Once you get into the habit, you should find that there is less work to do every month. A deep clean will also help to make sure that your house is a healthy environment. Instead of just moving the dust and dirt around, you will have eliminated it completely. Regularly cleaning your home will also help you to avoid letting a problem go too far. For instance, if you let a stain remain on a piece of furniture for too long, you will have trouble getting it off. However, if you attack it immediately, the job will be much easier.

If you are struggling with a busy schedule, why not consider employing someone to deep clean your house? You may not want to pay for a regular maid, but hiring someone once a month could offer a reasonable middle ground. This is one way to be sure that your home will be cleaned from top to bottom. If you invest in an expert, you may also find that they have solutions for stains that you would never have been able to tackle on your own.

Encourage your guests to respect your home

If you are dedicating your time and efforts into making your home a happy and healthy environment, it is important that no one undermines this. Make sure that your guests are encouraged to respect your property. If your kids are inviting their friends round, double check that they understand the basic rules of living under your roof. Their friends are likely to follow suit. Why not purchase a shoe rack and position it by your front door?

Hopefully, this will encourage your guests to remove their footwear without you having to explicitly ask them to do so. You could also invest in an inside and outside doormat, as this will at least make sure that they have wiped their feet. Stocking your bathrooms with attractive hand soaps will also help to prevent the spread of germs in your house. This can also be achieved by remembering to wash all of your hand towels on a regular basis. Don’t be ashamed to take pride in your home! To some it may seem a little strict; however, they would surely change their way of thinking if they understood just how dangerous certain germs could be.

For instance, scientists have found that potentially harmful bacteria can survive on the soles of a person’s shoes for days, if not weeks. By taking your shoes off and wearing slippers, you are reducing the likelihood that your family will come into contact with this bacteria. This is especially important if you have young children in your house, as they will likely be playing on the floor and picking items up off the floor to put in their mouths. Put their safety first and encourage your house guests to do the same.

Invest in pest control

Even a clean house can attract pests. This can be an extremely embarrassing problem for anyone who likes to keep up appearances. Have no fear, at Lake Norman Pest Control you can find a solution for all of your pest control issues. Not only will they provide safe, effective extermination services, they can also offer you expert advice on the best way to keep termites, ants, mosquitoes, bed bugs, and other unwanted pests out of your home for good. Instead of temporarily dealing with your pest control woes, you will have secured a long lasting solution. This is important for the health of your family, as pests can be extremely irritating and some can even transmit dangerous diseases.

Pests can also contribute to the spreading of harmful germs, so it is vital that you have them removed from your home as soon as possible. Not only this, but many pests possess the ability to cause damage to your home. For instance, mice and rats can gnaw away at your woodwork, or even your wires. This will be costly to repair, as it will be difficult for your handyman to locate the issue. They can get everywhere, so there is no real limit on the amount of damage that they can cause. It is far better to invest in a pest control solution now, than to wait and be faced with a large bill or serious health issues in the future.

Be careful of the chemicals that you use to clean your house

You may think that cleaning your house is the best thing for it. However, this is only true if you are using the right products. Relying on cleaning products that contain harmful chemicals can have a disastrous effect on the health of your family Make sure that you do plenty of research on the best cleaning products to use in your home. Don’t just think about your bleaches and your furniture polish, look into your laundry detergents, fabric softeners, and drying sheets. These are the products that release the chemicals that stay on your skin. The wrong choice could result in a hormonal imbalance! You should also consider the way in which your household disposes of its cleaning products.

Whatever you do, don’t just pour them down the drain and into the water system. It is important to be as responsible as possible. One way to do this is by investing in eco-friendly cleaning products. This will help to improve the levels of indoor pollution in your home. It will also drastically reduce the negative effect that your household is having on the environment. If you have the time, why not make your own cleaning products. It isn’t as hard as you might imagine, and the instructions can be found online. If not, do a little research and find the perfect products for your home.