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Easy Ways to De-Stress This Fall



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It’s fall, which means that you most likely are stressed out, running around preparing the kids as they go to school in the morning, and balancing that too with the upcoming holidays.

With Halloween right around the corner, you have a lot on your plate, from stress to making sure everyone in the family is taking care of. There are simple things you can do to de-stress and de-compress here are our favorite ways to enjoy your fall more.

Take More Baths

Taking care of yourself is so important. Take a hot bath and relax. When you take care of yourself others are able to see how happy you are and they will respond in positive ways.

Don’t Skip Meals

In the fall we tend to get busy and sometimes we skip breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It’s easy to forget to eat when you’re so busy but make sure you don’t pass on any meal because your blood sugar could plummet and you could become very very stressed out.

Bring little snacks with you o add to your purse, that way your blood sugar won’t drop. If it does you won’t reach for any food in sight, when you do actually sit down for meals it will be healthy choices. This way you can regulate your metabolism and your blood sugar.

Avoid Caffeine

For stress-free easy way through the day avoid caffeine in the fall we tend to have a hard time adjusting as the summer days are gone and the days become very short and the nights longer, this tends to make most of us lean for our trigger food of caffeine.

The caffeine gives us a false sense of happiness and we tend to lean on it. If we don’t get it then we react sometimes in a moody way or worse having actual physical pain such as headaches or queasiness. Try to limit your coffee to one cup a day. For an added boost drink water with lemon or cucumber.

When you drink less coffee you will actually feel better and you could take fewer calories in a day, which could help your waistline as well. Drinking too much coffee can also stain your teeth you may notice when you reduce your intake and drink less Joe you may get brighter teeth so your dentist will be happy and so will you.