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Introduction To The Massage



A Thai massage is a traditional form of massage assisted by stretching. The technique of Thai massages developed in ancient Thailand and several yogic techniques of China and India are incorporated in this sort of massage. It is an oil-free massage and can extend up to more than an hour. You get the most amazing feeling of relaxation in the world when you experience a Thai massage when it is done by an expert like at a massage temple bar. If you are in Dublin, Ireland and are looking to relax with a great massage, a Thai massage Dublin is what you are looking for.

The massage session

You receive your massage through your clothes. You are asked to remove your shoes and socks. The practitioner massages your body with thumbs, palm, elbow, feet, knees, and shins to put pressure on your body and stretch your body. The practitioner is trained to keep his forearms straight and they lock their elbows and put pressure in the rhythmic fashion. The massage is done with the utmost accuracy and care.

The massage follows the meridians or vessels of the body. This helps in good circulation throughout the body. The practitioner puts pressure on your body by fixating your body by feet while working with hands and with hands while working with feet. This session of pressing and stretching goes on for about more than an hour. You may actually get surprised with your own body by seeing the fact that your stiff body could actually stretch so much.

You will be asked to change positions throughout the session. Several yoga positions are used then the deep and rhythmic pressure is again put on the body by hands or feet. The practitioner may even walk on your back. They may pull your thumb, fingers, crack your knuckles, pull your ears, or even stretch your fingers, etc. These are parts of the session and the principle for all of this is to relax the whole body including all the muscles.

Experience of the receiver

Generally, the experience can be clubbed into a few goods words. You will feel completely relaxed, stress-free, and feel as if you are in a completely new body. Your body gets rejuvenated from the very core. If you have pains in the body e.g. back pain or joint pain, it will be cured by Thai massages. Your whole body is refreshed after you get out of a Thai massage session. You feel energized and are ready to do almost anything that demands physical strength or mental strength.

Comfort of Massage

Well, this totally depends upon you. You might feel all the deep pressing and stretching a bit uncomfortable at first. But, that is the reason for your stiff body and you must understand this. The stiffness can only be removed by pressing and stretching and this is what the main principle of these massages is.  Then, look at the fact how relaxed you body will become once you are done with the massage.

Length and cost of a massage session

The length of the massage session usually lasts for about two hours. The cost depends upon the location to location. In cities like London, these massages are offered at 40 to 80 pounds per hour. In other smaller places, it could cost up to 40 to 60 pounds.  The cost is different in different countries or cities. While it may be expensive in Ireland, it’s a great way to relax even if it’s just a Thai foot massage, so if you are in Dublin, Ireland considers an authentic Thai massage in Dublin.

Benefits of massages

  • The whole body is rejuvenated and refreshed.
  • These are best for people with joint pains, back pain, neck pain, and headaches. Pains are basically the result of contracted muscles. By massaging, these muscles are worked over, and pressing and stretching is done. Once the muscle is stretched, the pain shall be relieved.
  • The circulation of the body improves to a great extent.
  • It can help to relieve the problem of constipation.
  • Thai massages will improve your overall physical, emotional and mental health.

Principles and theories of massages

The basic principle says that the pressing is done in the line of the sen or vessels. It is believed that the lom or air or energy travels through this sen. By massage along this sen, these are stimulated and the lom or energy has a better chance to flow throughout the sen in the whole body. This will rejuvenate the whole body and will cure the pains of the body.