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5 Main Principles of How a Cooling Gel Pillow Work



5 main principles of how a cooling gel pillow work

A cooling gel pillow is a relatively new type of sleeping accessories on the international market. The rapidly growing popularity of products is explained by their useful properties, and in particular – a beneficial effect on the nervous and muscular system. Pleasant cool surface slightly springs, delicately supporting the head, neck and shoulder section of the spine, and also reduces tension in the muscles. Scientists have shown that when the body temperature decreases, cell regeneration is activated, metabolic processes are improved, lymph flow and circulation restore.

The pillows are manufactured on special modern equipment that meets strict international quality standards and sanitary hygiene. One of the main characteristics of such a pillow is that it does not absorb dirt and moisture, do not lose their original properties within the period guaranteed by the manufacturer.

The pillow filler is a gel that creates a feeling of coolness. This is a special, environmentally friendly 3D composition, flexibly reacting to changes in body position (the “memory” effect), which maintains a low (and at the same time comfortable) temperature.

Benefits of cooling gel pillows

A cold pillow with gel filling, being the newest invention, usually have a latex or a high-viscosity foam, to which inserts with gel are added. Original medical products are distinguished by a number of positive qualities:

  • have good hygienic characteristics, ensuring the absence of bacteria and dust mites;
  • are made of modern environmentally friendly hypoallergenic materials that do not have unpleasant odors;
  • easily adapt to the bends of the human body, evenly distributing the load across the spine;
  • differ in the effect of memory, provide convenience;
  • have excellent heat-conducting properties;
  • characterized by cooling and punctual massage;
  • gently influence the skin;
  • can be used for a long time.

The disadvantages of individual models of such products include high cost and seasonality of use.

5 main principles of how a cooling gel pillow work

Principles of work

Do you want to know how does cooling a gel pillow work? Look at our article and learn.

Cooling effect

The feeling of coolness arises literally in 20-30 seconds, within a few minutes reaches a maximum, then gradually this feeling stabilizes. The principle of this gel is to dissipate heat, remove heat from the surface of the skin, reduce the temperature of the body of the head. The surface of the gel to the touch is cool and very pleasant. The cooling effect of the material helps to reduce metabolism and reduce the need for tissues in oxygen, and this positively affects the quality of sleep, according to numerous scientific studies. You sweat less, and the muscles while relaxing as much.

Quick Recovery

You need a lot less time to fully relax and gain strength. According to studies conducted in the Center for Sleep Research, when using a cooling gel pillow, the stage of deep sleep (the strongest) in the subjects lasts longer. The stage of the so-called light sleep (between wakefulness and falling asleep) is reduced. This means that you are much less likely to wake up in the middle of the night and forget what insomnia is.

All this makes it possible to recommend a cooling gel pillow to professional athletes, students, high school students and everyone for whom a healthy sleep and rapid recovery with intense physical or mental loads are so important. If you have a “sedentary” job or you often have to stand on your feet during the day, then the cooling pillow will help out in these cases/ Such pillows are the best way to relieve tension in the muscles, back and joint pain after a hard day’s work.


Due to hygiene and absolute hypoallergenic, such pillows are optimal for people suffering from allergy to fluff, latex, and other fillers.

Durability. The shelf life of cushions with cooling gel is also incomparable with another bedding: according to studies, this material is able to maintain its properties, does not harden and does not wear for many years!

Breathes. Thanks to a special structure with open channels constituting 23-36% of the surface, air-cooled cushions ensure optimal air circulation and allow good moisture retention during sleep, allowing your skin to breathe freely.

Tips for choosing a cooling pillow

You should carefully choose the gel pillows for sleep because from the quality of the product will depend on a good sleep and a mild awakening in the morning. Experts advise buying a cold pillow only from a trusted manufacturer. Small shops and unknown sites on the Internet can do a disservice, completely disappointing you after several months of using the product.

First of all, you must take into account your position during sleep, because every person is used to sleeping differently.

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If you like to fall asleep on your stomach or side, try models equipped with rollers. Such rollers will contribute to the correct location of the neck, without exerting pressure on the vertebrae. For those who like to sleep on their backs, it is recommended to purchase pillows with a central recess.

An important role is played by the size of the future purchase. Standard dimensions that are comfortable for sleeping in gel cushions are usually 40×60 cm. Other models are also common, for example, 41×61 cm, 50×35 cm, 40×66. The main rule here is not to look at the fashion and just look at a size that is convenient only for you.

The correct height is another component of a quality pillow, and it is from it that deep sleep depends, especially in adolescents and people suffering from diseases of the spine. Often, the height can start from eight centimeters, but it is recommended to choose the models at least 10-12 cm. Wide-shouldered men with an impressive complexion should choose a pillow higher – a minimum of 13 cm.

When buying a product, be sure to ask about the quality of the cover. Best of all, if it will be removable models, which can be handled separately and without problems.

Care instructions

Buying a cold pillow with gel filling, it is necessary to take into account that such a thing requires care. Despite the fact that such cushions are dirty less often than ordinary down, a few elementary rules will still have to be observed:

  • Do not place the product under hot sunlight or in an excessively humid place.
  • Models with the memory function can also not be washed in a washing machine, try to clean without aggressive detergents, squeeze and wring out. Such actions can lead to deformation of the pillow and restore it later will be difficult.
  • In fact, care for these products is easier than it seems. For your purchase to last a long time, it’s enough just to air it once every few months.
  • If the cover is removable, it can be easily detached and wiped with a damp cloth, and the product itself should be hung in the fresh air for a couple of hours.
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