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Thyroid Health – Tips for Keeping Thyroid Healthy



Thyroid cancer

With its primary function in controlling metabolism, the thyroid has one of the most important roles in the human body. Unfortunately, we rarely notice that the thyroid gland is not working properly unless it manifests signs that something is seriously wrong such as irritability, issues with weight, and pain in various parts of the body.

Hence, it is important to pay attention to your thyroid gland and practice these habits to keep your thyroids in perfect working condition.

Stop using harsh chemicals in cleaning your home

Strong chemicals in your household cleaning products can affect the thyroid’s ability to perform its functions. In many instances, the effect of the chemicals on your thyroid’s functions wears off over time but with continued exposure, it can cause permanent damage to the gland.

 Eliminate stress from your life

Various health problems have been linked to stress and the same goes for your thyroid. When you are stressed, the cortisol level in your body increases, thus, causing damage to the thyroid gland. Keeping your stress levels to a minimum can cause a lot of health benefits.

Go organic

Genetically modified food items are making their way into the supermarket shelves and people do not think twice about picking them up. Unfortunately overlooking the source of your foodstuff can cause damage to your thyroid especially when you pick artificially enhanced food including hormone-injected livestock. Non-organic food also contains toxins that hinder you from having a healthy metabolism.

Drink plenty of chlorine and fluorine-free water

Staying hydrated is vital to allow the body to function effectively. However, you need to choose your water. You should be wary of chlorine and fluorine because they have iodine-inhibiting properties that impair the functionality of the gland.

Keep a diet rich in calcium, iodine, magnesium, selenium, and protein

Ensuring that you are maintaining a thyroid healthy diet that is rich in the following minerals is vital to support a healthy thyroid function. Food products that are rich in selenium can actually help in keeping the hormones in balance.

Stay active and exercise regularly

Various studies have shown a link between increased heart rates and an increase in the thyroid’s hormone production. Regular exercise serves as a reminder for your thyroid to function properly. Sports, dancing, and walking are good forms of exercise although yoga is highly recommended.

Stuff yourself with saturated fat from natural sources

Adding hemp and using coconut oil are two of the best ways to increase the saturated fat in your diet. Saturated fat is actually thyroid-stimulating and if you have issues with your thyroid’s inability to release the necessary hormones then this tip is very useful for keeping that thyroid gland healthy.

Let the air in during summers

Although many households try to reduce their dependence on harsh cleaning products, we cannot avoid products that can harm the thyroid as they are used in cleaning carpets, mattresses, and almost everything around the house. So, as much as possible, throw the windows open and let some air in to dissipate the effects of harsh chemicals not only to your thyroid but also to your health.