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Performing Self-Catheterization, For Men And Women



Self-catheterization is a process where your bladder is being emptied using a catheter. The catheter is a medical device that can be placed in your body temporarily or permanently. Basically, self-catheterization is done to prevent the development of urinary tract infections (UTI). It is said that when the bladder is over-stretched when full, the bladder is more prone to infection. So if needed, it is advisable to cath every day.

This process is something that should be first done by a doctor. Make sure you know each and every step beforehand and only follow the instructions the doctor gives you. With something that could affect your health, you do not want to learn this process on your own.

What you will need?

When you need to use self-catheterization, you should have a catheter device from your doctor. Some people need to carry the device everywhere they go. You will also have to carry a container, lubricant, and a washcloth. Lastly, remember to keep a diary or notebook and record the amount of urine collected during each self-catheterization process.

Self-Catheterization: For Men and Women

For men, after gathering the necessary supplies, such as the catheter and lubricant, you need to make sure everything is clean. Infection can arise from anywhere, so make sure every tool you use is sterile. Prior to the cleaning, make sure that you washed your hands with soap and water This is very important. Talk to a doctor and find out how to safely use the device. For many, self-catheterization is a part of their everyday lives. Any misstep could cause serious damage to your body.

So, if this is the medical process is something that you need to do for your health, make sure you know the ins and outs of every step and every single part of the cath. Before performing any type of medical procedure, you must make sure everything is clean and sterile. Infections can happen from the bacteria you can’t see with your eyes. If an infection does occur, serious medical problems may follow. This is something that is easily prevented so don’t get lazy.

Ask Your Doctor

There are many ways to avoid friction and irritation. Just call or visit your doctor and find out the different tricks and tips for using a catheter. No, this is not something you want to deal with on an everyday basis… but for many, this is something they HAVE to deal with. Anything that can make your life simpler is worth it. Your doctor has the experience and he has the answers… so don’t be embarrassed or afraid to ask him or her certain questions about the cathing process. And don’t forget, no question is dumb when it comes to your health.