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Why Most Men Love Lasers?



Mention the word ‘laser’ to most men, and thoughts of Star Wars and lightsabers will spring into their minds.

But, according to recent reports, men are becoming more and more aware that lasers can be used for much more than just hacking up space critters and droids.
In an age where beauty treatments are becoming all the more commonplace, it is being reported that gradually more and more men are taking the plunge into beauty clinics to improve their overall appearance. Laser treatments are becoming a massive part of the offerings which some beauty clinics offer to their patients, and it’s easy to see why. When the lasers aren’t being used to ‘down’ the Death Star, they can be used on a variety of treatments, including hair removal, treating acne, tattoo removal, removing stretch marks, healing scars, and even repairing sun damage.

It is well documented that women have generally never had a problem committing to such treatments. Still, recently it is also becoming well documented that men are also not as freely shying away from the procedures as they once used to be. Why is this? Media outlets will always point the finger at male celebrities who are constantly striving to look the very best that they can, but should some of the credit for the turnaround in male treatments not also be accredited to the clinics themselves?

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Unfortunately, it has been reported now and again that some clinics are not showing the patients proper due care throughout their treatments; some are even damaging the very people they claim to be able to help. But it cannot be denied that there are a vast amount of professional, experienced and knowledgeable consultants out there who have developed treatments using revolutionary technology and these treatments (which are very often non-surgical) can be carried in a safe and secure environment specifically designed to make a patient feel as at home as possible.

Perhaps advancements in technology are a determining factor in the increasing numbers of treatments being undertaken? These treatments also carry an anonymous air around them, meaning that procedures leave behind no lasting effects to suggest that anything but nature has touched the skin of the patient, and perhaps this is where part of the attraction lies for some men?

Whatever the reason is, one thing is clear; technology is rapidly improving, and the treatments are following suit. One day, Darth Vader may not be the first thought in a man’s head on hearing the word ‘laser,’ and if trends continue as they are, that day maybe sooner than we think.