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Latest Trends In Cosmetic Dentistry



Latest trends in cosmetic dentistry

Technology has continued to be a driver of change in the dental industry.  One of the primary signs that this phenomenon will continue to grow is the number of people that have been able to access updated information about cosmetic dentistry procedures on the Internet.  There are so many people that are taking the time to understand what options are available before they go see their dentist, it makes it easy for practitioners to guide them to the option that is in their best interest.

In addition to technology, materials continue to be improved so that your patients will end up with one of the most personalized experiences possible.

Here are some of processes and products that are most important to people that are looking to gain treatment by researching online:

Implant customization:

In the past, it was possible to create implants that were very true to a patient’s smile when you used technicians and partners that had an artist’s talent for creating dentures or other implants.

Today, it is possible to use CAD/CAM systems that create a form of dental implant factory for the dentist.  They are so integrated, you can start by scanning your patient’s mouth in order to get measurements so precise that the implant will seem like whatever it is replacing.  CAD/CAM systems then store the data and make it available for technicians or doctors that design the actual implant.

And then, of course, the actual production process of implants is often automated or ‘componentized’.  No longer do artists need to do the modeling so that the piece will match its design specs.  It can typically be printed and assembled or used in a one-piece arrangement.

Tooth repair:

Although there are situations where teeth still need to be removed when they are damaged, having a practice where you can provide the patient with the latest bonding material gives you the flexibility to create perfection that lasts for most patients.

The best materials available as resin are likely going to last the patient 10 years or so if they follow your instructions carefully.  There are claims that some of the newer resins will outperform that by several years, but they haven’t been proved in the field yet.

High-tech porcelain veneers also continue to trend as some patients are able to have gaps in their teeth easily filled with a material augmentation that is essentially permanent.  One of the more intriguing options available is known as couture veneers.

Couture veneers are popular in California because a practiced eye may see through a set of bleached teeth in the same way a more inexpensive wig gradually becomes apparent. Union Square Dental in San Francisco is one of the dental practices with a major focus on veneers. The shape of the teeth also makes a difference.

There are famous families like the Boyers who typically do have the same teeth from generation to generation.  For everyone else, looking like a carbon copy from a factory that puts out teeth is something that most people would want to avoid.  Couture veneers are also about recreating the teeth that you had in your mouth in the upgrade so that the teeth that you are repairing will actually not be noticeable.

The good news for clients is that it isn’t that expensive and it doesn’t require that you make planes wait on the tarmac at LAX airport in order to get a procedure done by a celebrity.   Most patients do say, however, that the veneers that they have done for them that copy even the color of the teeth that they had actually seemed like they are created for them by a celebrity dentist.

Reconstructing the smile:

When patients have teeth that are already gone or likely won’t survive due to inadequate spacing or excessive rot, using the latest procedures and equipment can give you a much stronger reputation for competence because you will be that much more accurate with the models that are created.

One of the buzzwords of the newest systems is ‘transparency’ in the process that favors the patient.  It is nice to be able to design something that will create a normal smile for your client.  It is even better to be able to include the patient in the decision-making process to the extent that they are choosing cosmetic feature options that are easily understandable because the process is so visual.

Cosmetic dentists have access to one of the most robust technology markets in the medical business.  Whether it is equipment that allows them to design and create perfect teeth replacements or materials that will look natural and last a long time, by upgrading or looking at implementing the latest solutions, knowledgeable patients will be increasingly satisfied.