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Foods That Promote Healthy Teeth



Most people are likely sick to death of hearing about all the different foods that cause tooth decay and end up wrecking your teeth.  It seems that you can find scary dental stories just about anywhere you look, and a laundry list of ‘foods to avoid’ is usually part of the equation.  Of course, there are also foods that promote healthy teeth and gums.

Fruits and Vegetables

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables can go a long way toward giving you a positive review the next time you visit your dentist.  High fiber foods such as raw fruits and vegetables help keep saliva flowing, which in turn helps to create the mineral defenses against tooth decay.

If you are unsure, opt for choices that produce a good crunch when you bite into them.  This may include apples, pears, carrots, celery, cucumber, and sugar snap peas.  Dried fruits that contain high amounts of sugar and may stick to your teeth should be eaten sparingly.

Dairy and Nuts

Any dentist will tell you that calcium is valuable for fighting tooth decay.  This is why foods that include copious amounts of calcium should be included in a tooth-friendly diet.  Foods like milk, yogurt, cheese, almonds, brazil nuts, and many greens all fit the bill nicely.  Any dairy product you eat or drink should also be lower in sugar and skim milk versions are just fine.

Whole Grains

B vitamins and iron are important to keep teeth and gums healthy, and whole grains are an important source of B vitamins.  Whole grains also contain magnesium which is another important ingredient when it comes to keeping the dentist happy.


Aside from being a great thirst quencher, pure water also has the ability to rinse sugars and other harmful substances off the surface of your teeth.  Many times, it’s when the sugar and acids just sit there on your teeth when damage is done.  Drinking water regularly can help to keep your teeth clean.

Sugarless Gum

Chewing on sugarless gum can also be helpful because it will help to dislodge food that is stuck to your teeth and it will stimulate the flow of saliva to neutralize dangerous mouth acids.

If you include these foods and drinks in your diet more often and follow sound dental hygiene practices, your only visits to the dentist will be good ones every six months.