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Would You Consider Breast Augmentation Surgery?



We asked three South African women whether they’d ever considered going under the knife and here’s what they had to say…

Absolutely not – Rose, 29, is a freelance designer and lives in Johannesburg.

“I imagine it to be excruciating but that’s not the only reason I’d never consider breast augmentation surgery – I’m perfectly happy with my cup size. As for other women who have had it done, I say if it makes them feel better about themselves, then more power to them. I really think we should focus more on the fact that so many women seem to think they need porn star boobs in order to feel beautiful. If I were ever to consider it I would definitely trust a South African surgeon because we have some of the best in the world.”

Yes – Mia, 25, lives and works as a copywriter in Cape Town.

“I’m relatively happy with the size of my boobs but I’d consider having surgery to achieve a bigger cup size – and if someone offered to pay for it on my behalf, well then definitely! I’ve heard it takes a few weeks to recover so I imagine it’s really painful, but if a woman is unhappy about something and wants to change it then there’s no reason why she shouldn’t. When it comes to the question of whether I’d have it done locally or abroad, for some reason I imagine that surgeons abroad must have more expertise – probably because they might have access to more advanced training or technology? But I’ve heard there are some really great plastic surgeons in South Africa. Other cosmetic surgeries I’d consider including lipo, a nose job, or even a facelift!”

Maybe – Debra is 24 and works as a doctor’s receptionist in Cape Town

“I’m very happy with the size of my boobs but I’d consider breast augmentation at a later stage in life, perhaps after having children – I’d maybe even consider a tummy tuck! I’m not really worried about the pain factor at all – to me it’s like having any other surgery and let’s be honest, modern technology has made life really easy. I’ve got absolutely no issues with any woman who wants to have the procedure done, if it makes them feel beautiful then by all means! I’m probably a bit biased to the local or abroad question because I work for a doctor, but I’d definitely get it done here – our surgeons study the same amount of time that any others do, and our technology here is definitely up to date. I actually don’t know anyone that’s had a boob job, so maybe I’ll be the first in my circle of friends.”