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Have you Ever Considered a Cycling Holiday?



Holidays are something that we look forward to all year round

However, the current economic crisis has meant that more and more people are opting to holiday at home, although this could be just as expensive with the cost of train tickets or even coach tickets.

There are however alternative forms of transport that you can use to go on holiday, your bike.

This article will look at some of the best places in the world that you can cycle.

North Sea Cycle Route

The North Sea cycle route covers 6000 km that crosses 8 countries such as Belgium, Denmark, England, Germany, Norway, Scotland, Sweden, and The Netherlands.

Of course, you do not have to do the full route you could simply cover different sections on the route for example

  • Newcastle to York this 226km stretch of the route is worth the trip even if it is only to visit the Roman, Viking and medieval city of York.
  • Scotland the route starts in the Shetlands where you can see some dramatic landscape of cliffs and rocky inlets; you can take the Ferry to Orkney, which has a quiet and very scenic route. The Scottish section of the route finishes in Berwick upon Tweed.

Pacific Coast Cycle Route

The Pacific Coast cycle route will take you from Vancouver, BC to Imperial Beach, CA covering a total of 1853.5 miles.

Start this holiday in Vancouver and cycle towards Astoria covering 399.5 miles or from Santa Barbara to Imperial Beach covering 247.5

Take in some stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, and cycling through some stunning states such as Washington, Oregon, and California.

Danube Cycle Path

The Danube cycle route covers 230 miles from Germany to Vienna.

It is regarded as one of the most beautiful and popular bike rides in Europe.

With it dedicated cycle paths for most of the route, this trip can be done in 6 days depending on you of course the faster you go the more you will miss the scenery.

This can be done on your own or as part of an organized package tour.

No matter what route you choose you should always remember to pack some spares such as spare inner tubes and a puncture repair kit and of course safety equipment spare batteries for lights, high VIS jacket, and off course spare clothes especially the gear you will be cycling in.