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Top 5 Technological Advancements In Healthcare In 2013



According to the Journal of Nuclear Medicine “Keeping abreast of new technologic breakthroughs is a challenging task, with hundreds of new articles being published each month in scientific and medical journals. Never have so many people been involved in research as today.”


There are many amazing breakthroughs in the technological aspects of medical science. One very exciting advancement in technology is the deployment of nanotechnology where tremendously exciting advancements have been made. Researchers in cancer treatment have been able to utilize nanoparticles to reduce tumors in mice. The use of the nanorobots to repair damaged cells, isolate DNA, and do other amazing life-saving tasks is a real breakthrough. The potential for life-saving tasks due to the introduction of nanorobots and the avoidance of surgery is very high.

Robotic Prosthetics

Neuroprosthetics is an advancing technological field that is resulting in the restoration of the mobility of the arms and legs of patients with spinal cord injuries. There is such great potential for this work because of the many injured veterans of the Iraq war. “The use of electrical impulses and operative tendon transfers. eLEGS will allow patients to stand and walk when they have been considered to be paraplegics,” according to the March 1, 2013 edition of the Stars and Stripes. Robotic prosthetics is a medical science that has a lot of room for technological advancements and advancements in this science continues to be made.

Bionic Eye

The world’s first bionic eye has been approved by the FDA to treat certain types of blindness. Researchers at Bionic Vision Australia are also beginning tests on a bionic eye that will assist individuals with macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa diseases to view large objects such as; buildings or cars. Both of these devices are in the early stages of technological development, but both can be used now. The bionic eye is an amazing accomplishment in that it replicates the functionality of the million cells that make up the vision reception of the eye.

The FDA approved bionic eye is ahead of the Bionic Vision Australia developed eye which requires some cumbersome equipment to be used with it. Refer to Second Sight Europe.

Possible Breakthrough in Leukemia Treatment

Researchers in Melbourne Australia are ready to start trials on a breakthrough treatment for advanced blood cancers such as Leukemia. At Peter MacCallum Cancer Center, scientists have discovered a way to kill cancerous blood cells that will leave the healthy cells largely unharmed. The first human trials at Peter MacCallum and really got underway in 2013. Professor Grant McArthur at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in Melbourne says “…the new trial will focus on blood cancers which have not responded to other treatments.”The trial will be open for both lymphomas and leukemia that have not responded optimally to other treatments,” Professor McArthur said.


Technology continues to evolve in virtually every sector of life, perhaps the most important is in the field of medicine. Through technology, lives have the potential to be extended, disabilities restored and deadly health conditions eradicated. If the rate of technological advances in medicine continues on its current path, many more exciting breakthroughs can be seen on the horizon.