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The Connection Between Sports And Good Grades



If you find that your children are struggling in school, it may be time to get them to be more active in their daily lives if they aren’t already. Research has shown that those students who are more active perform better in school, both academically and behaviorally. Children of all ages, from primary school all the way through secondary school, seem to perform much better on tests and get better grades if they are involved in sports and other physical activities, compared to those children who are more sedentary overall.

If your child’s school does not provide ample opportunity for physical activity, you need to take charge and really get your kids motivated to do sports, workouts, and other fun yet physically active activities. So pry them away from the video games and computer screens and get them outside when the weather is nice and watch how they flourish not only physically but mentally as well.

Below are the reasons why your children should be as active as possible every day after they come home from school.

Benefits of Physical Activity on Children

Exercise and playing sports help increase blood flow to the brain and also allow children to release any pent-up energy and anxiety they may be dealing with. When children are more active, they are better able to focus and concentrate in school and at home while doing homework, and they also exhibit fewer behavioral problems. The less physical activity they get per day, the poorer their academic performance. So make sure your kid gets out and plays for a little while every day, not just on days when his school schedule includes PE class.

Get Your Children Involved with Sports

One easy way to get your kids to be more physically active while having fun and building new, lasting relationships is to allow them to join one or more sports teams, whether it is your town’s local netball team or the school’s football team. Also, consider getting some composite and alloy softball bats for a game like a softball, nothing says teamwork like baseball or softball. Playing on sports teams also improves children’s self-esteem and allows them to develop a great sense of, and appreciation for, teamwork. All of these are great lessons that they can carry with them into adulthood.

Activities that Help Students Achieve in All Aspects of Life

Your child doesn’t need to join a sports team if he or she doesn’t feel comfortable doing so, though. There are plenty of other ways to get active, get healthy, and become stronger mentally. While all of these positive effects are achieved by playing sports, some children don’t do as well in sports as they do in other areas of physical activity, so work around your child’s abilities and preferences.

For example, there are a variety of aerobic activities that not only build strength but also build endurance, and there are workouts like Yoga and Pilates that build flexibility. When your children are old enough, they can also begin doing some strength training with light weights to condition their muscles. And, of course, there’s always the tried and true hiking, biking, jogging, and dancing.