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Elliptical Repair Can Be A Hassle Especially On Your Own



Elliptical machines are composed of parts such as pedals and handlebars that are connected to create one single unit. This unit is an elliptical machine, and it helps everyday people exercise through movements that imitate walking, jogging, and cycling.

Most of these machines have the ability to determine how long you have traveled, your speed, and also the number of calories burned. It works with a moving pedal and a flywheel, which both create resistance as you exercise. Just like any other device, there will come a time that these machines will need repair. Whether it has been damaged or has endured some wear and tear. New elliptical machines can be very expensive, so repairing it may be your best choice.

Different parts have different configurations, which can get very confusing. Imagine how many ways you can repair a machine with all those parts. So, knowing each part and how it works will be very useful down the road. However, before doing the repair, you must identify which part is defective so you don’t confuse yourself with one part from another.

You want to find the right solution for a specific unit in the elliptical machine. So, as you fix the defective part, it is also important to refer to its manual since elliptical machines have different manufacturers. One company may have different solutions than another. It’s time to break down this confusing machine, so you better understand your elliptical in case anything does happen.

Repairing the Drive Belt

In repairing the drive belt, first, you have to take the pedal and disc shields out by loosening the screws. After detaching those parts, you can now reach the drive belt and replace it with a new one. When you have successfully installed the new drive belt, check whether it turns and functions as smoothly as it should be.

Repairing the Lubrication Point

Start by taking the pedals out and then apply grease on the area. It’s that simple. Grinding can really hurt any machine with working parts, and you can really save a lot of time and money with this five-minute fix. Attach it and do the same to the other lubrication points.

Repairing the actual Console

Loosen the screw that connects the console to the unit. Look at the console and make sure all wiring is properly connected and open the cover for the batteries. Then, replaced the batteries and rotate the flywheels until it reaches the reed switch.


Sometimes you just need a professional. And with something as confusing as an elliptical machine, it is probably your best bet. When Elliptical repair is done right it can save you a lot of money. So, call an expert and make sure the job is done correctly the first time.