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A Beginner’s Guide To Use Elliptical Machine Or Treadmill



Every day, some people are starting with their workout routine. If you are one of them, you must be wondering what exactly you should start your fitness regime with. In a gym, it is generally treadmill or elliptical machines which are the first machine you start your work out with. Before you start you can read treadmill reviews and those for elliptical machines. But here are certain negative and positive facts of the two machines which will help you decide which you should use as a beginner.

Elliptical machine- negatives and positives:

Both elliptical machines and treadmills are basic instruments that a gym has, now the question is how to choose? Here is some relevant information for you:

  • The elliptical machine is less weight bearing than the treadmill. If you have joint pains, it is better that you choose elliptical over treadmills.
  • The elliptical gives you the scope to move your feet backward and forward. This facility is not available in the treadmill.
  • It is generally believed that the perceived exertion is lower in an elliptical than in a treadmill. Therefore, it comes across as beginner friendly in nature.
  • However, some people do find it difficult to work out in the elliptical since it might take a while to get used to the motion of the machine. Some even found this machine more complicated or awkward.
  • Occasionally people have complained about feeling pain in the hip joint and the back. It is believed that the elliptical strains the back or hip muscle more leading to some pain in that area.

Treadmill- negatives and positives:

Treadmill is one of the most common machines used by many people following a fitness regime. Here is some of the information about it to help you decide if this should be your preferred machine for work out:

  • Treadmill exercises the most basic activities of human beings like running or walking. Thus a beginner’s body will feel comfortable most on a treadmill emulating the regular activities.
  • Based on the type of treadmill, you can set the speed high or low, regulate the incline, the time etc. Therefore you can start with slower speed and gradually increase it, according to your comfort level.
  • The added advantage that the treadmill gives you is that it impacts your bones too, by adding up the stress level on the bones and can improve the bone health.
  • On the flip side though, treadmill exercises cause strains for your joints triggering joint pains, at least during the initial period.
  • Some users increase the spread and incline to a level where it is difficult for the body to cope with that amount of pressure. Remember, if you are a beginner, then too rapid change in the speed can lead to injuries, by changing the gait pattern in your body.