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Backyard Pool Safety: 5 Tips For A Safer Pool



With the winter weather finally heading into hibernation until next year, people everywhere are anxious to welcome the summer weather. If there is one summer activity that is a family tradition, it is spending time in the backyard pool. But, it is also a big responsibility for parents. Below are five tips for parents to follow to ensure their children are safe and enjoy their time in the pool.

  1. Communicate.  It is essential to talk to your children about the importance of pool safety.  Stress to them that they should not be in the pool when an adult is not present. Also, talk to your children’s friends’ parents and make sure that they know how to swim before letting them into your pool.  Even if you know that the children swimming in your pool know how to swim, never assume that they are safe in the water unsupervised.
  2. Take a CPR course.  It is an important step for pool owners are trained in life-saving techniques and know-how to conduct CPR in the event of an accident.  CPR courses are affordable and even free at many local hospitals.  In about an hour’s time, you will become equipped with lifesaving techniques that will make your backyard pool even safer and provide you with peace of mind.
  3. Provide pool lighting. Whether you have an above ground pool or an in-ground pool, ensure that you have proper lighting for when children want to go swimming at nighttime. Also, if you already have pool lights, make sure to check on them to ensure they are working properly.
  4. Remove equipment when not in use.  When pool time is over, remove tempting toys from the water.  Be sure to put away pool steps and ladders so that children cannot get into the pool when you are not present.
  5. Secure the pool.  Purchase a fence that is at least four feet tall.  Pay close attention to the slats and make sure that they are close so that kids aren’t able to fit or squeeze between them.  Make sure that the barricade remains closed when the pool is not in use.  It’s also best to secure the gate with a lock that is up high so children do not have easy access to it.

While everyone wants to have fun in the pool during the summer, it is crucial to ensure everyone is safe. By following the above five safety tips, you can keep your backyard pool a place of relaxation and fun for summers to come.