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Apps To Help You Stick To Your Diet



With being just weeks into the New Year, there are thousands of people floundering around trying their best to stick to their New Year’s resolution. If you are one of the many who resolved to go on a diet once and for all, you understand how difficult it can be to walk the line. With the excitement of the brand new calendar year and celebrating fresh starts, the New Year is a great time to make life improvements to become the better you.

The way to accomplish your resolution or goal is to keep focused on that end result and celebrate the mini-milestones you reach as you strive to make a new healthy habit. The best news is, you do not have to go about your healthy eating plan on your own – in fact, you have a motivator that is with you nearly twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, your smartphone!

Thanks to our new phone-crazed society and technology advances, there are apps for everything – including apps that can help you stick to your diet. Since our smartphones are an extension of us why not use it to help you accomplish your strongest desire? Check out our favorite apps to help motivate and monitor your eating patterns as you tackle your new diet plan and see it through the end.

1. FoodRemindr

This smartphone app is a great program for anyone getting used to a new diet plan, whether you are wanting to lose weight or even gain weight. The app is easy to use and automatically sends reminders when you should eat. The application also allows you to program a customizable meal plan, plus compiles your progress along the way.

2. Just Nutritious Substitutes

This app is great for anyone dieting, or anyone striving to live a healthier lifestyle. The Just Nutritious Substitutes were created working in hand with registered dietitians so you can make the best possible choices when it comes to eating out and cooking.

This app allows users to understand and gain knowledge about substituting not-so-good ingredients in their lifestyle and favorite recipes with healthier alternatives. The app also has a wide range of recipes that were created by a dietitian that is sure to entice your taste buds and satisfy your cravings – all without the guilt. As if these two parts were not enough to make this a great app for anyone striving for a healthier lifestyle, it also offers healthy choice decisions when eating out on the town at over 20 nationwide restaurant chains.

3. YumPower

This smartphone app is great for the dieter on the go. yumPower gives you the advice on restaurants and meals based upon your location so you always have healthy options within your reach. You can search meals and locations by one of the many categories provided, whether it be you are trying to stay away from sodium, load up on fiber or fruits and vegetables, or trying to eat healthy while keeping your children in tow, this application is just for you! yumPower will show you options all within a twenty-mile radius and you can even see what other users think of the restaurant and dish by its “yum” rating – think Facebook likes.

4. Fast Food Calorie Counter

This is another great app for the dieter and junk-food-at-heart on the go. Just because you are on a diet does not mean you cannot eat at your favorite places, it is all about choices, and the Fast Food Calorie Counter can help you make the right ones!

The application has reviewed over 9,000 menu items from many of your favorite fast-food restaurants. In just a few taps, you are able to view the number of calories, fat, carbs, fiber, and protein in a dish – plus it serves as a food tracker compiling what you consume for up to an entire year.