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Five Great Ways To Make Yourself Look Fabulous For Your Holiday



If you’re going on vacation then chances are you want to look nothing short of fabulous. We all want to look our best and you can use these tips for your holiday as well as for looking fabulous every day, or even for a photoshoot or special occasion.  Whether you’ve got a beach-ready body or a few extra pounds, you can achieve that look and have as much fun as possible with these easy tips. Are you ready to get started on your way to looking fabulous?

Get a Tan

While you’re probably going to get a tan on your holiday, you might as well start early. Already having a tan when you hit the beach is going to make you that much more confident, and that much sexier. Start hitting the sunbeds about a month before your trip, or tan lightly outdoors and use self-tanner a day before your trip. Best of all, if you have a tan, you won’t have to worry about sunburn (self-tanner does not help prevent a sunburn).

Consider a Manicure

Did you know that fabulous nails can make all the difference? Get celebrity nails and have them manicured. Aim for something simple and easy to maintain. French tips are easier than colors because you won’t have to worry about them chipping but do whatever makes you feel great. Consider doing a pedicure as well and consider going all out. Painted toes look great in the sand, and if you choose carefully, you can color coordinate with your favorite peep-toe shoes.

Hair Extensions

How is your hair? Want to spend your entire vacation taking care of it and fluffing it up to look pretty, didn’t think so. Consider getting hair extensions. Your hair will look fabulous, you will hardly have to do anything to it, and you can add in highlights or fun colors.

You can find plenty of online stores and salons offering hair extensions in London, so make sure you look into it before your trip. If you have a short holiday or want to take photos before leaving, you can also consider having a stylist do up your hair, it will boost your confidence and make you feel fabulous, especially if you’re going on a cruise. Not yet ready for full extensions? Get short highlighting extensions with different colors or even patterns!


There is really nothing quite like a moisturiser to make you look beautiful and radiant, so make sure you invest in one. There are plenty of options to choose from and most of them range in quality and price. Pick something in your budget and apply it every day after you get out of the shower, and then again before you go to bed. Your skin will look beautiful. In fact, you might not want to give this routine up after you get back from vacation.

Low-Carb Week

Did you know that most celebrities actually go on a low carb diet for a week before getting in front of a camera? This is because cutting the carbs will flatten your belly, whether you’re in shape or not. Consider cutting as many carbs as possible just before your vacation so that you look fabulous on your vacation. Trust me, it’s worth it!

From looking for hair extensions in London to getting a quick manicure, there are plenty of tips for getting yourself holiday ready. Best of all, you can use these same tips to make yourself look fabulous for a photoshoot, or just about anything! Last but not least, remember to bring flattering but comfortable clothing and have fun on your trip. Enjoy your relaxing getaway in the sun!