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Destination Wedding Do’s and Don’ts



Destination wedding do’s and don’ts

Summertime is a time for weddings. The summer months between June and August are the most popular months to get married in North America. If you are a bride and looking for some fun in the sun, consider doing a non-traditional wedding and plan your special day, away.

Destination weddings are one of the more intimate ways to celebrate your love. You can plan a vacation for your family and close friends, a ceremony and honeymoon in one big clean swoop.

But planning a wedding away from your hometown could be challenging. Aside from getting family and guests excited to travel to see you celebrate your love, there are other logistics as well. Learning the do’s and don’ts of a destination wedding is a must if you want to make a blissful day while you are away.

Here are the do’s and don’ts that you should know before you say “I do.”

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Do Your Research

When you are planning a destination wedding, make sure you research your location. Pick your top three places then narrow it down to your favorite. Research the wedding accommodations and start securing the details with deposits, and sending out wedding invitations.

Take Care of the Details

The details matter, and when it comes to planning a wedding, how much you prepare is essential. Especially when that wedding is away from your home. Start planning early, and you feel much better on your wedding day. Planning starts from the moment you say, “I Do.” The people you invite are an essential consideration for the destination-wedding event as well. Consider your closest friends and family, but encouraging your Mother, sister best friend brother might not be in your best interest. The beautiful part about a destination wedding is the fact that it can be a more intimate experience. You do not have to feel pressure to invite anyone you don’t talk to or see regularly. Keep the guest list to closest friends and family.

Take Care of Yourself

Many brides and grooms to be become extra stressed out during the wedding planning stage. The beautiful thing about destination weddings is that the majority of the details and planning is taken care of at the resort and location you secure. But don’t forget to take care of yourself. This means keeping up to date with doctor and dental check-ups. Taking care of yourself is crucial.