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Planning Your Christmas Wedding



Choosing to have a wedding during the Christmas season is a beautiful idea; however, it can also be a lot of extra work. When you want to recite your nuptial vows during this exciting time of the year, keep these following notes in mind.

Picking The Date

Are you planning to have your wedding on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day itself? If so, you need to check with your church. Many of them are not going to hold a wedding on either of these days. Furthermore, you need to be prepared that a lot of your guests will not come. Most people have traditions that they follow on these holidays, and they are not going to want to interrupt them. Your closest family members and friends will likely come, but that will probably be it.

Letting People Know in Advance

Remember, people have a lot of obligations during the Christmas season, and you need to let them know about your wedding far ahead of the actual date. It’s advisable to send out save the dates at least a year in advance in this situation. A year in advance will be the preceding Christmas season though, and mail can get a bit shuffled around during this time. Therefore, try to have them out before the first week of December is over.

Working with the Decor

No matter where you choose to hold your wedding, be it at a traditional reception hall or in a mansion owned by a family member, you must be aware that space is going to be decorated for the season. It’s unlikely that a catering hall is going to take down all of its decorations just to match with the theme of your event. If you want to have a beach themed wedding or one that does not involve the colors of red and green, then it is best to choose a different time of the year for your celebration.

Travel Arrangements

Be considerate about helping your guests plan their travel arrangements. Chances are, a decent amount of people are going to need an overnight hotel room. Call the hotel to set up a block of rooms well in advance of the wedding date. So many people travel at Christmas that the rooms could book up quite quickly. It’s smart to choose a ceremony site and a reception hall that is within reasonable distance to a number of hotels. You might also have to help elderly family members book plane tickets. Remember, you are asking people to celebrate during an already expensive and busy time of the year, so give them a lot of notice and be helpful.

A Christmas wedding can really be beautiful if you incorporate all of the right elements into it. Remember what Christmas stands for though: the birth of Christ. Consider having a special relative read the Christmas story from the Bible before the reception officially commences.