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Winter Wedding Destinations



Frankly speaking, winter is the most unusual season of them all to have a wedding in. All the snow and blizzards, along with the low temperatures could really intimidate both the newlyweds and the guests to this magical event. However, if one tries to see through the aforementioned, s/he will realize that the snow season can offer a lot in terms of a truly unforgettable winter wedding.

You just need to come to terms with yourself and agree with the fact that marrying in the snow can be even better than doing it under the sizzling summer sunbeams. If you would like your event to really be icy and chilly, why not go to the extreme and organize your wedding and reception at an actual ice hotel? There are a couple of nice hotels in both Northern America and Europe. Why not consider the following ice hotels:

1.The ICEHOTEL in the village of Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

Situated in Northern Sweden, it is the world’s first ice hotel. It was first opened back in 1990, and ever since it is erected annually, from December to April. It is constructed entirely from ice blocks and snow from the nearby Torne River. The hotel can accommodate up to one hundred guests and besides the rooms has also a bar and even a church where wedding ceremonies can be held.

Not only it is the first, but it’s also the biggest ice hotel. It also offers “warm accommodation”. Each year, the hotel is literally built from scratch, and each season the rooms have different designs as they are ‘built’ from different artists. When April comes, the entire hotel melts and flows back into the Torne River. The ice hotel literally exists from December to April.

2.The Ice Hotel near Quebec, Canada

This ice hotel is the first one in North America. It was first opened for visitors on the first of January, 2001. During its first year, it was located Montmorency Falls Park, but a year later it was moved to the Duchesnay resort, where it has been ever since. Back in 2001, the hotel had only 22 beds, but now they are four times more – 85.

Everything is made exclusively out of ice and is not heated, excluding the separated in an insulated structure bathroom. In order for the hotel to be completed, sixty builders work for almost two months, using a special snow mixture. The amenities that the hotel offers are a movie theater, nightclub, and a specially designed wedding chapel.

3.The Ice Hotel in Romania

It opened in 2006 and is the first ice hotel in Eastern Europe. Its location is deep in the Făgăraş Mountains and because of that, it is accessible in no other way than by a cable car. The hotel is rather small, as it has only fourteen rooms, but its setting is extremely picturesque, for it is right next to Bâlea Lake. The completion of the hotel is usually during December, when it, as well as its adjacent ice church, where weddings could be organized.

4.The SnowCastle of Kemi, Finland

It is basically a snow fort and is the biggest one in the world. It is situated in Kemi, Finland, and is rebuilt each year with a different architecture. The castle has three stories and the area it covers varies from thirteen to twenty thousand square meters. The architecture of the castle changes a bit every year, but three of its elements are persistent: a hotel, a restaurant, and a chapel. For the newlyweds, there is a specially designed honeymoon suite.

Regardless of which of these hotels you might choose, you will definitely go to have an unforgettable time, a wedding you are bound to remember all your life.