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Winter Wedding Tips



Winter weddings are in season this holiday year. If you are planning on getting married or attending a wedding this year, here are important things to consider to make your holiday wedding spectacular.

Focus on Color

The winter months are usually cooler, so you want to pick complementary colors that match the festive season. Forest greens, deep rich reds and emerald colors are beautiful this time of year.

You can have a centerpiece that corresponds with these colors. Another option is to have the wedding party mix and match these colors. They can match and you can bring everything together with color, this is important.

Pick a Location that Showcases Your Style

Destination weddings are popular this time of year. Some people want to go to the tropical islands to say there I do’s. Others prefer a more intimate setting in a location that represents their own love story.

Consider a location that is meaningful to both you and your significant other.

Also, take into consideration how many people will be attending your wedding.

The winter is a time to bring the family together and many brides and grooms opt for the more intimate wedding settings. You can reserve a place in the Pacific Northwest, if perhaps you met there, or find a location that is special to the two of you.

Add Sparkles

Using sparkles and glitter in the winter is a perfect elegant touch to any wedding.

You can decorate the table settings with a little sparkle by adding a shimmer spray over the top of each object or you can simply use sparkles in your dress or your hair. When people think of weddings in the winter they usually think of cold weather. By bringing in sparkles you help add to the glistening magical time of the holidays into our special event.

Choose Winter Foods

Winter is a special time for married couples because of the food choices. If you’re getting married, choose foods that are local and fresh.

Pears, apples, and sweet potatoes are all good choices for a winter feast.

You can even do winter cocktails, perhaps champagne with a little twist of orange juice or make any holiday classic drink. They are especially appreciated this time of year.

Some ideas include adding peppermint to the water or making a signature drink such as a peppermint spritzer.

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you have to say I don’t, couples are flocking to chapels and locations to get married this winter season because of all of the holiday trends.