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Coming To Terms With A Life Threatening Illness Diagnosis – What To Expect



Most people will learn that they are suffering from a life-threatening illness from their own Doctor. In the majority of cases, the individual concerned will already be feeling a little unwell, or worse. The reality is that most of us are completely unprepared for the shock of having to deal with our own deaths. This is very likely to be even more difficult to deal with when it concerns younger people, especially those with dependents.

Of course, everyone will find their own way to deal with this terrible news. That said feelings and emotions very often tend to follow a typical path.

This blog post will attempt to take a closer look at some of the range of emotions that can be expected.

Shock and Disbelief

In many respects, the news will be received in much the same way as an actual bereavement. This will very often translate into total shock and disbelief. Sometimes the recipient of the news might well think that they are in some kind of terrible dream. Sadly the fog of this situation never seems to lift.

Not only does this news affect the very person with the illness, but their close friends and relatives will suffer from an element of shock and disbelief.


Once the initial shock has begun to subside it is very likely that the individual concerned will find themselves in some kind of denial. Trying to get on with life by convincing themselves that there is nothing actually wrong can be just one of the stages.

It can be hard to put a timescale on just how long this particular feeling will last. Sometimes it can be a few days or weeks. However, there are many cases in which the person will refuse to accept their situation. In rarer situations, this can even last right up until the very end.

There is much to be said for a positive attitude. Patients who believe that they are ill and there is no hope will invariably find that this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Anger and Frustration

Very often the Doctor will receive the brunt of an individual’s anger and frustration. This is more often than not fuelled by a sense of lost or even stolen years. The time that a person will never be able to spend with their growing family can be just one of the reasons that will cause a person to lash out.

No two situations are ever the same; however, it is sensible in most cases to think about some kind of pension review. Remembering that advances in medical treatments will mean that a huge number of life-threatening illnesses can be successfully treated. Inevitably survivors of life-threatening illnesses will need to stack their financial affairs differently.

Fear and Worry

Of course, it is perfectly understandable for people to have a natural fear of illness and death. Many people will find that it will revolve around a fear of the unknown. Put simply there it can be extremely hard to know what to expect; the levels of pain and emotions will be different for everyone.

Those with families will also develop fears that surround the futures of their loved ones. These will be born out of the knowledge that at some point in time they will not be around to support them both emotionally and financially.

Investment and Savings Review Time

Understandably the emotional level can be extremely difficult to deal with. However, taking positive steps to revise financially planning can play an important role in this stage. Pensions, savings, and other investments should be closely scrutinized to ensure that all avenues are explored.

Even in the event of finding a cure for a condition, it is definitely good practice to get one’s financial house in order. Often by being in control of finances there is less stress to deal with, which of course in turn will very often lead to a healthier life.