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How to Keep a Positive Attitude, Even on a Lousy Day



How to keep a positive attitude, even on a lousy day

You get up in the morning, stumble out of bed, spill coffee on yourself, get stuck in traffic, and then the rain, and have a pile of work dumped on your desk when you get into the office. So how can you keep a positive attitude after that, and not wallow in misery for the rest of the day? Here are some suggestions:

Take a deep breath

That’s not just a metaphor. Conscious, deep breathing can help you relax and put you in a better frame of mind. Take a minute to breathe in, breathe out, and calm down.

Go for a walk

If you can get away for a few minutes, going for a walk can put you in a better frame of mind. Even just a stroll down the hall or the street can give you a little bit of perspective.

Have an attitude of gratitude

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Instead of thinking about all the lousy things to happen during the day, why don’t you think about all the great things in your life? Some people write down a gratitude journal, listing things they are thankful for each day. Then, when they are feeling blue or angry, they can look at their list and remember what to be thankful for.

Listen to inspirational music or talk

If you can, listen to music that inspires you or puts you in a better frame of mind. Whether it is a new age, classical, or some old-time rock and roll, listen to the music that makes you happy. Or perhaps you want to listen to an inspirational speaker. Either way, if you can do so, find the music or world that will put a smile back on your face.

Read something

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To keep a positive attitude, try to keep books, quotations, and web sites around that can inspire you. These may be self-help books, or spiritual tracts, or coffee table books of pictures that you keep around and thumb through them when you need a little lift.

Try to find a solution

Whatever is bothering you, try to think of the right answer. If you can’t think of the right solution, think of a way to get through it, even if it is to table, trying to figure out how to resolve it for another time. Ultimately you are the only person who can decide whether or not to be happy. So keep that positive attitude going – it can get you through the bad times.