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Weight Loss

Music & Weight Loss-How Your Musical Choices Can Make a World Of Difference



When it comes to losing weight, most people focus on eating healthier and working out. They cut fat from their diets, and they spend hours finding workout routines that will help them cut out the fat and slim down their bodies.

What most people don’t realize is that listening to the right music can make a huge impact on the results of your weight loss goals, and here’s how.

It can amp up your pace.

If you listen to upbeat music while you’re working out, it can help set the pace of your workout. If you’re working out at a faster pace, you could burn more calories, which can help you lose more weight. If you workout on a treadmill or bike, having music in the background that is upbeat can make you run farther or pedal faster.

It can make time go by faster.

Most people don’t enjoy working out because it feels like it takes forever, and when you do so not listening to music, it may even feel like it’s taking longer to get through. When you have music during your workout, you can focus on the songs that are playing instead of on the tasks that you have to do, the time you have left, or how much pain your body may be in.

It can motivate you.

When you workout without music, you’re stuck listening to your thoughts, and if you’re tired or in pain, you could end up talking yourself into stopping sooner than you should. When you have music playing, you can focus on the songs and tempo of the music instead of your brain, and the upbeat music may be just what you need to motivate you to keep going even if your brain wants you to stop.

It can boost your mood.

Working out is meant to give you the energy you need and can even put you in a better mood, but research has found that people who work out listening to music walk away much happier with their workout and their effort than those who don’t.

It can help you work out harder.

Research has also found that people who listen to music during their workouts are also able to lift heavier weights for longer periods of time than those who don’t. Some speculate that it’s because the music takes your mind off the task that you’re doing, but either way, if listening to music can make you work out harder, that means listening to music will generate better workout results.

It makes you less self conscious.

Some people don’t have very successful workouts because they are too busy worrying about what others in the gym may be doing or saying. When you workout with music on, though, you can tune out the rest of the gym, and this will allow you to stop paying attention to the other people at the gym so that you can focus on yourself and your own workout.