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Winter Blues – Tips to Feel Better Fast



As the seasons change we prepare for colder months. Even though change is inevitable, and the season’s change, your mood doesn’t have to. You can carry over that peaceful glow you captured in the summer. Many people feel more melancholy this time of year, but you don’t have to. If you are feeling the winter blues or just having a bad day, these tips will help you feel better fast.


Taking a mini snooze in the middle of the day isn’t for lazybones. Take note from the masters, like Thomas Edison, Leonardo da Vinci, and Eleanor Rossselt. These daytime snoozers got more brilliant work done by rehanging mid-day. Taking a mini nap can enhance performance and help you feel more balanced.

Cuddle with a Pet

Curling up with a furry fella has proven to reduce stress, blood pressure, and depression. When you give a little puppy love your brain says I like this, as it releases serotonin, which is the feel-good mood stabilizer.

Take a Co-worker or Friend to Coffee

Are you feeling blue? Put away the pity party and help someone else? Research shows that spending money on another person or helping them has a greater impact on your own happiness then treating yourself. Next time you are at the coffee shop, buy a latte for your friend or coworker. Help a blind person across the street or when we turn ME into WE, we collectively feel better about our community and our place in the world.

Pull Out Your Bucket List

Getting out of a rut is sometimes the cure for a bad mood. Try something new and get out of your comfort zone is an easy way to stop worrying about how bad you feel. You can pull out your bucket list, or list of things you want to do before you die, and check off a few that look appetizing. Try a new yoga class, read a new book, volunteer for a community event, go to a cooking class, or skydive. Doing something you have never done before adds to your life experiences and makes you feel excited at the moment.


Smiling is one of the easiest things you can do and it is completely free. When you feel down, just turn your frown upside down and you will feel better soon enough. When you smile you often feel better. Some people are embarrassed by their smile. If you have crooked teeth or bad breath visit your dentist they can help. Many dentist have winter specials to help you feel better in your own skin.