Tips on How to Beat the Molly Drug Test

If you are thinking about taking Molly better known as Ecstasy you should know what the steps are to purge your system of it in case your employer or parole officer wants to do a Molly drug test. First off we are not encouraging people to take illegal drugs what you do with your own body is your own business but think about the consequences before you make any decisions.

Now that we got the legal disclaimer out of the way what we need to understand is that Molly by itself will leave your body in 2-5 days depending on the size of your body and how active you are. What most people fail to realize it is hard to find pure Molly. Most of the stuff that is being sold on the street is laced with cocaine and other fillers which will stay inside your body for many days.

Since the drug is ingested (don’t snort Molly!) you need to increase your hydration which does not include those energy drinks that are filled with a potent cocktail of caffeine and snake venom for all we know. Those compounds will make your body become dehydrated which makes it twice as hard to get the Molly drug out of your system.

Start drinking more water and do not overload on cranberry juice. While a glass or two is fine if you drink too much it will put a serious burden on your kidney which could jeopardize your health. There are products that can speed up the excretion process but you should take them blindly until you have done some research on the actual product. What you need to do is find out which of these products are the most popular with other individuals. If something works then whoever is using them will surely post something about it on the Internet.

Now if you are thinking “if I double the dosage the results should be twice as fast” do not. These products were designed to work with the body in a healthy way. If you tried to double up on the dosage there would be serious damage done to your body. Remember that you should not mix these products as well. There are some people who mix up these Molly secretion products but that is dangerous since the drugs may not work well together.

The products help buy lots of water and exercise to sweat the drugs out of your system is a great way to pass the impending Molly test. If you are successful and beat the test does not go on your Facebook or Twitter page and post feedback about how you “beat the system”. There are employers and parole officers who go online and if they find these statements even if you did beat the test you are opening yourself up to a plethora of legal challenges.

We are not here to judge your lifestyle and if you feel the need to take Molly know there are ways to get it out of your system safely provided you use a level headed approach.

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