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Nike+ Kinect Training Xbox 360 -Working Out At Home



If you spend more time in front of your Xbox than at the gym, you might be packing on a few extra pounds. Fortunately, the Nike+ Kinect Training Xbox 360 for training can help you shave those pounds off quickly. Take a minute to find out what you can expect with this program.

How it Works

Nike+ Kinect Training can turn your living room into a home gym. If you pop the game in, you will be face to face with your own personal trainer. He will show you different moves, and the Kinect will detect your movements to ensure you are doing them correctly. If you make a mistake, you will get some tips on how to correct your form. That way, you will be able to burn the maximum amount of calories and get the best results.

Personalized Routines

Because the system uses the Kinect to analyze your form, it can actually personalize your routine. For instance, if your left side is weaker than your right side, the system will create a routine to compensate for that. The end result will be a customized routine that you would normally get from a personal trainer. However, unlike a personal trainer, you won’t have to pay per session. All you will have to do is pay for the game, and then you can use it as much as you want.

Track Your Progress

The system also tracks progress. It does this every four weeks. When the time comes, it will look at your strength, endurance, and fitness level to see how you have progressed. You can look at your statistics over time, and even compare them to others to see how you stack up. This is a great way to stay motivated. You will likely work harder if you see that one of your friends is doing better than you are.


You need to have a lot of space to use this program. The Kinect will actually detect the space you have and try to keep you within that allotted area, but some of the exercises require more room than others. You will be better off if you start with a lot of space. Thus, consider putting your Xbox in a room that has a lot of open space. If that is not an option, you may have to move your furniture so you can get the most out of the training. Otherwise, you won’t be able to do the moves to the best of your ability.

The Bottom Line

This is more than a game. It’s like having a personal trainer in your living room. If you need to shave off some pounds or if you just want to stay fit, this game can really help.

The Nike+ Kinect Training Xbox 360 for training just might change the way people look at exercise. You can get the benefits of a personal trainer without the cost or the hassle. If you need to get in better shape, consider giving this program a try.