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6 Steps To Looking Younger



As I inch closer and closer to 30, I have noticed changes in my skin. My eyes seem to be taking the brunt of my aging hormonal skin. Knowing that the eye area is more delicate than other facial skin, it is a given that it would be the first sign of age and how many children you have! Here are 6 steps that can reduce the signs of eye aging. Sorry, I don’t think these steps will reverse the aging sign of acting like your mother.

1. Beware of  Mr. Sun

The best form of eye wrinkle prevention is sunscreen. You not only will be protecting your skin from cancer you will be preventing wrinkles. Luckily your moisturizers and foundations usually have a small amount of sunscreen; check your brand and see.

2. Water, Water Everywhere

Drink your water! Not only will water help keep you healthy and trim, but it also will keep your skin hydrated. And hydrated skin will look younger. Dry skin is a sign of dehydration, think about how the ground looks when there hasn’t been enough water, dry, and cracked. Just say no to crack and drink your water.

3. The fruit is like a Camel

Sometimes, it is hard to drink enough water. So grab some fruit like grapes or watermelon. They have water stored in them and are a delicious way of staying hydrated.

4. Cucumbers are not just for Salads

Cucumbers are great for putting on your eyes. Just slice 2 pieces and place one on each eye. Then sit back and relax. You will reduce puffiness and swelling in just a matter of minutes. And you will look as cool as a cucumber doing it (okay, that was lame)!

5. You have got to Yoking Me

Egg whites are a great eye wrinkle reducer. Why? Because I said so! All you have to do it spread the egg whites around your eyes where you have the most wrinkle trouble. Leave them on for a bit and gently wash off.

6. Sleep, who has time for Sleep

Exactly, when you are a mom, college student, heck anyone for that matter, sleep is more of a daydream… But you must get proper amounts of sleep to keep your skin healthy and wrinkle-free. Rested skin looks better.   I hope that some or all of these tips have been useful to you. These methods do take some patience, but they will help. Skin responds well to a healthy lifestyle!