Three Effective Steps to Reduce the Signs of Aging

Three Effective Steps to Reduce the Signs of Aging

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Three Effective Steps to Reduce the Signs of AgingBeing a woman in my late forties I found that it was getting increasingly difficult to hide my age. I miss the days of firm skin you could bounce an apple off, colourful cheeks and lush thick hair.  Every time I looked in the mirror I was faced with my reflection which looked so much older than I actually felt. I have to admit a couple of years ago it was really getting me down. I began to feel a lot less confident in myself and I convinced myself that my husband would want to replace me with someone fitter and better looking.

After several months of depression I finally decided to do something about it.  I knew the problems I had were all in my own head, and I had to change my own outlook before I would feel more positive. While I worked on my own thoughts I decided to get active and try a few different things to help my outer appearance improve. For someone who has never really done anything other than wear a bit of eyeliner this was a venture into a new world.

Tips to Create a More Youthful Appearance

I am not one for believing in miracle creams, although moisturising our skin can help to some extent. It’s not going to make those wrinkles magically disappear though so the sooner I accepted that the better it was.  I decided to begin drinking a lot more water which is something I have never really enjoyed.  To make it more palatable I put bottles in the fridge each morning and I also add a splash of fresh lemon juice from time to time. After about a month of this I did feel more energetic and I truly believe my complexion looked so much better.

Buy hair treatments for your age.  Thinning hair has been a huge issue for me and probably the main reason for my lack of confidence.  My hair has always been fine but in recent years my scalp became more visible.  I actually went to see a professional about this and had some treatment which has helped tremendously.  I also now use shampoo and conditioner which is thickening and provides volume so it has a glossy shine and a bit more oomph.

Teeth can age you terribly. As I have a fear of dentists my teeth were discoloured and some at the back were broken and rotting.  Not pleasant I know but my fear was so great I just couldn’t face it, even when I was in great pain. I contacted a dentist who specialised with phobic patients and I was able to go and build my confidence up over a few appointments.

We all age, but we can do things to help make things easier on ourselves when looking in the mirror. If you’re worried about thinning hair visit: for advice.