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Choose a Proper Clinic and Surgeon For Cervical Corpectomy Surgery



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Issues of the spinal cord have become quite common with people now. Sitting in front of the computer for a long time and lack of physical labor are some of the main reasons that contribute to spinal cord problems. Among the various problems that are common to the spinal cord, spinal stenosis is a common issue. In this, there is immense pressure that is created on the spinal cord due to various reasons. With the help of corpectomy, efforts are made to release the pressure on the spinal cord. Actually, bone spurs that are present put emphasis and pressure on the spinal cord and the situation is known as myelopathy. This can lead to various problems like movements can be restricted; there can be bowel and bladder issues and so on.

In cervical corpectomy surgery, the anterior part of the spinal column is actually removed. The gaps that are formed due to the same are filled with the help of bone grafts. These grafts help in new bone growth and the two vertebras (lower and upper) get joined together. This process is termed as fusion. Usually, this kind of surgery is done on patients where the bone spurs have spread and affected more than one vertebra. This kind of surgery is recommended for patients who have critical spinal cord issues and cannot be rectified with anterior cervical discectomy with fusion.

Preparations before the surgery:

Cervical corpectomy is quite a serious surgery and will need good amounts of preparations for the surgeon as well as for the patient. One of the most important things that should be kept into consideration before surgery is that tobacco consumption should be stopped at once.

This is because tobacco had many side effects on the surgery. It can hamper with the growth rate of bones, can lead to high rates of infections, the process of healing gets slower and most importantly, the process of fusion might not be successful. It is also important that you tell the surgeon about the medicines that you take on a regular basis. Some medicines might need to be stopped a couple of days before the surgery. Most of the surgeons will provide a complete set of written instructions for the patient.

Choosing the right clinic and the right surgeon for cervical corpectomy

It is quite well understood the cervical corpectomy is major surgery and needs lots of care and attention. However, the two most important things that should be considered are the right choices of the clinic where the operation will be done and the right choice of the surgeon. Cervical corpectomy operation involves the use of various kinds of advanced tools and equipment. And all these things are available at a good hospital or nursing center only. Choose a nursing center that is well equipped.

Also, make sure that the surgeon who carries out the surgery is an experienced one. He should have handled successful cases of this kind of surgery and have a good track record as well. When all these factors are well-considered, the surgery is going to be a successful one for sure.