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Helping Your Body Through A Cold



Even though winter is over, the common cold can still strike. While most of the time it’s more of an annoyance than anything, a cold can sometimes have a huge impact on our day-to-day lives. With our hectic schedules, we can’t afford to take a week or two off to recover from a cold. However, if you are proactive, you won’t need to. Here are some tips on how to get through a cold as quickly as possible.

1. Sleep.

Sleep is extremely important when you’re under siege from a cold. Your body is under constant duress from the virus, so giving it extra hours of sleep is a good idea. However, colds can also make sleep harder to come by. With the constant sniffling, the sore throat, and clogged airways, getting the sleep you need can become a battle. Don’t be afraid to take over-the-counter medications to help you get to sleep and fight the worst of the symptoms at night.

 2. Get your nose clear.

If tissues aren’t readily available, a lot of us will just have to suffer through excess mucus all day long. This is silly when you have a cold – your body wants that stuff out! Blow as much as you need to. In addition to using tissues, take a decongestant, and use a nasal spray. Effective ones are available over the counter and are simple to use. Not using these extremely helpful products will make your life harder for no reason.

 3. Drink water.

With all of the mucus you’re blowing out, your body can dry out—especially if you’ve taken a decongestant, as well. It is vital to make sure you are drinking water during a cold. Water is used for practically every process in your body and will help your overall health. This goes double when you’re sick. Drink more water than you think you need to because your body will be burning through it at an increased rate. If you’re getting sick with something else in addition to having a cold – you guessed it – drink even more.

4. Help your immune system.

Take every chance you can to help your body out. Natural supplements and vitamins can give you a much-needed immune system boost.  These can be basic, over-the-counter vitamins, and they will do wonders for your body. Make sure you aren’t going out into the cold unprotected because that will compromise your immune system even more. Your body is fighting hard to get rid of the virus, so don’t make its job any more difficult!

Getting a cold is no fun, but if you follow these tips, hopefully, your next cold will fly by fast and you’ll be back to yourself as soon as possible.