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Alcohol, The Most Common Narcotic



The most common of all narcotics is alcohol.  The simple fact that alcohol is legal does not take away from the fact that there is a myriad of people who abuse alcohol and can drive themselves into an alcohol abuse intervention.

Alcohol is the silent giant of all substances that can be abused; it is used as a social lubricant, a means for reward, and many other uses.  The simple fact is that alcohol is a product that can be entertaining for some, and devastating for others.  Alcohol abuse has ended lives, broken families apart, and driven people away.

Alcohol Addiction

Those who truly suffer from the addiction to alcohol certainly do not feel as if they have done anything wrong because alcohol is legal and there are no consequences that are seen for many years.  It can be a deterrent for some, but for others, the abuse will run rampant.

There are issues that can drive us all to drink, and this is a country that has been established on the freedom to choose whatever it is you want to do, but oftentimes this will come at the expense of others, especially if you are an alcoholic and have issues with your consumption of booze.

The Sad Truth

The sad truth of the matter is that we are a country that admonishes living in excess, this trickles down even to drinking in excess.  We drink to get drunk, not to enjoy ourselves.  An alcoholic description of drinking to enjoy themselves by personal admission would be to drink to get drunk.

This is a simple fact of alcoholism.  Alcoholism does not exclude itself from America either.  There are alcoholics all over the world in all shapes, sizes, and colors.  Alcohol is a narcotic that does not discriminate.

Know Someone Struggling With Addiction

That being said, what do you do when you are entering into the depths of addiction to alcohol, or know somebody who is struggling in their addiction?  The answer is that you need to stage an alcohol intervention for the person that is struggling.

An intervention will draw together the people that truly care for the individual and will give them the support that is needed to finally face the music and get a little insight into what they are doing to themselves and to the ones they love.  So much of an intervention’s purpose is for the subject to understand that their behavior will get them one of two places, in the end, jail or dead.