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How To Tell If You Need Alcohol Rehab



Alcohol Rehab

Alcoholism or alcohol abuse comes on subtly but it can lead to some devastating effects for your body and your family. Rare is the person who is an alcoholic with their first taste of alcohol. However, if you or someone you love has developed a problem with drinking, there are definite signs. Having any of these signs of alcoholism can signal you need alcoholism rehab.

Drinking problems can usually be seen when the person:

1) Drinks to the point of amnesia or blackout.

2) Feels they need to drink to cope.

3) Feels ashamed about drinking, hides their drinking, lies about drinking.

4)Regularly consumes more alcohol than they originally meant to drink.

Having withdrawal symptoms when you go without drinking for a while is another key sign of alcoholism. It is clear that if you are in withdrawal when you stop drinking, you really need the care of an alcohol treatment facility.

Withdrawal symptoms that can affect you after hours or days of not drinking can include:

1) Sweating, Nausea, Vomiting

2) Shaking, Trembling, Anxiety, “Jumpy”

3) Insomnia, Irritability, Fatigue

4) Depression or other Mood Swings

5) headache, Random Body Aches

6) Appetite Loss

Occurs usually in the Morning

Many of these signs can appear in the mornings when you’ve slept for a period of hours, during which you have not had the opportunity to drink. Your body is not used to being without alcohol and starts to revolt, or go into withdrawal. If you see these signs and notice they leave as soon as you pour that first drink, you should clearly see that they are withdrawal symptoms. While other medical conditions have these symptoms, they do not go away with alcohol.

You may stumble more from drinking, leading to more accidents and bruises. You may have a red face from the blood vessels in the cheeks breaking from alcohol abuse. This may cause you some embarrassment.

Alcohol abuse makes a person neglect their home, school, work, family, and friends. They may bail on commitments, either from drinking or from being hungover. They can be in danger, whether from too much alcohol in their system to drinking in dangerous situations such as driving or using power tools. Many people use alcohol to relax and take the edge off when they are vacationing near the lake or ocean, but those who are alcoholics may drink to the point they pass out, a situation that is deadly when near the water.

 Alcohol Withdraw

People with alcohol problems start to withdraw more and more from their friends and loved ones. They may only leave the house to buy more alcohol. When they get to the point where they cannot function without alcohol, they are truly in need of an alcohol facility to treat their abuse.

Alcoholism rehab employs a wealth of different techniques. This means that a custom program can be designed around you and your needs. Whether you need an in-patient alcohol treatment center stay or an outpatient alcohol rehab, there is one right for you. Alcohol abuse treatment center staff are experienced and educated at providing top-level care for your addiction.