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Focus T-25 Workout to Be Released on June 2013



The more effort and time you put in any activity you get results is about to bust in late June this year. Focus T-25 Workout created by Shaun-T will set your calories fired up with this amazing workout. 25 minutes per day is what it will require you to dedicate to yourself to get more insane results than insanity.

What would be the workouts alike?

Shaun-T is the creator of the Focus T25 Program. There are mixed reviews about Focus T-25 total duration. Some reviews indicate that it’s less than a month other indicates that it has two phases Alpha and Beta:  each phase of five weeks. It will be more intense than Insanity and Insanity Asylum as it is a product of Insanity, P90X, and Insanity Asylum. High-Intensity Interval Training is the foundation stone of this workout. It will make your body sweat hard and dig deeper. You will push your body to its limits, as these focused 25 minutes of Focus T25 will have no breaks in between them.

What equipment will be used in this workout?

You will use dumbbells, yoga mat, and resistance bands to get a beautifully lean sculptured body in less time.

Say “Goodbye” to excuses!

If you still think that, you cannot spare 25 minutes of the day for your body than you need to think again. This is your body that you live in, if you do not care about it how you would fulfill your dreams. 25-minutes is the duration that you spend on chitchat with your friends on social media. Stop yourself from being a potato couch; learn to live a healthier lifestyle with Focus T25. Your super trainer Shaun-T will make you dive deeper in the sweat pool with these small duration high-intensity workouts. Be prepared to track your fitness progress with Focus T25 Calendar and staying in competition on Facebook accountability pages.

Do not forget to fuel your body well!

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