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Cosmetic Surgery And Your Self-Esteem



Cosmetic Surgery and Your Self-Esteem

The art of growing old gracefully has found more support with the new evolution of numerous cosmetic surgeries. These procedures have evolved over many years of treating persons who were originally born with abnormalities. The fact is that today’s plastic surgeons can accomplish what years spent in the gym failed to accomplish. That is not to say that there are not wellness benefits at fitness centers but it is to say that cosmetic surgeons can really shape up an individual.

In 2011, 5.1 million cosmetic surgeries were performed. There are currently 6 million more people in line for surgery. The UK’s 43,000 plus cosmetic procedures pale next to America but are increasing steadily at more than 5 percent per year. And, this surgery is not all about women. In the UK 10 percent of cosmetic surgeries are performed on men.  The US has a similar figure.

Emotionally and Physically

Cosmetic surgery patients report feeling better emotionally and physically after their surgery. These patients tend to become more social, receive pay increases, and are more productive and far more outgoing.

In a recent poll administrated by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), 85 percent of adult Americans said they would undergo cosmetic surgery if the opportunity arose. AAFPRS relayed how Americans see themselves affect not only their personality and emotional fortitude but also their entire lifestyle, including their career performance. Persons born with physical abnormalities withstand hurtful comments as they mature. Plastic surgery can solve a number of physical abnormalities of which some are necessary and others are elective. For many persons, plastic surgery is life- saving.

The AAFPRS released the following statement; “An individual whose body image is aberrant or different will find it hard to form meaningful interpersonal associations and may become a social outcast, suffering psychological damage inherent in this particular type of rejection.”

Plastic surgery has never been demanded at the current level. The choice has become very appealing as the profession has evolved. In terms of appearance, plastic surgery can accomplish amazing things. In terms of self-esteem, there are few things that will make one feel internally and externally improved more than cosmetic surgery.

If you want to add zip to your relationships and advance your career, consider what cosmetic surgery can do for you. Like most patients, you will wonder why you waited so long. Cheer up. Help is a phone call away.